Smart Cities
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InterDigital, a mobile technology research and development company, announced that the company will work with global consulting engineers Arup in the development of IoT-based solutions for Intelligent Transport and Smarter Mobility. Through this collaboration, InterDigital and Arup will create new innovative solutions and business propositions that make connected smart cities a reality.

Arup and InterDigital have already successfully worked together over the past two years to develop a solution that addresses the transportation challenges faced by modern city transport authorities and travelers. In August 2015, the two parties along with a consortium of partners were awarded funding by the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK, for oneTRANSPORT – an IoT smart city integrated transport initiative.

Combining InterDigital’s IoT technologies and Arup’s professional services will enable the companies to further develop compelling solutions that enhance travel experiences and benefit society.

“We are delighted to continue collaborating with Arup in smart city development. Arup will continue to provide us a better understanding of the Smart City & Intelligent Transport Systems ecosystems and the business models adopted for the procurement of systems and services in this space,” said Jim Nolan, EVP, IoT Solutions, InterDigital.

“Intelligent Transport and wider smart city initiatives are being funded by government bodies. These organizations are looking for a combination of advice and the implementation of new technology systems to solve the issues they face,” said Tim Gammons, Arup. “This collaboration with InterDigital is particularly important to advising such organizations and enables the delivery of more comprehensive proposals.

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