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The promise of IoT isn’t more devices connected – it’s interoperability, and the business and societal value that can be unlocked through the creation of smarter cities, healthcare, transportation and supply chains. InterDigital, a mobile technology research and development company, will be showcasing that interoperability, and the key role of global standards like oneM2MT at Mobile World Congress, February 22-25, 2016 in Barcelona.

InterDigital’s demonstrations will be anchored by the oneTRANSPORT initiative, a smart city initiative driven by InterDigital and ten partners. The project aims to enable multimodal transport information to be published by data owners (e.g. transport authorities and new third parties) and accessed nationally by transport authorities, application developers and others. Based on InterDigital’s oneMPOWER™ platform, oneTRANSPORT integrates a multitude of previously fragmented and isolated data assets and data services into a holistic application that sets the foundation for more efficient transportation systems for cities and travelers alike.

“oneTRANSPORT is a great example of the value that interoperability and integration can deliver to transportation systems. Transportation systems are central to the functioning of cities, and the standards-based approach that this initiative employs makes this project open-ended – by providing open access to existing data and easy integration of new data sources, the new value that can be unlocked is limited only by the intelligence and imagination of application developers,” said James J. Nolan, Executive Vice President, IoT Solutions at InterDigital.

InterDigital will also be featuring additional demos on the theme of interoperability:

  • For operators, InterDigital will be demonstrating the integration of its oneMPOWER platform, which is compliant with the oneM2M standard, with core 3GPP network operations. That integration enables operators to easily extend services to IoT in a fully standards-compliant environment, facilitating operations like billing and device management and opening the door to new service offerings.
  • The oneMPOWER platform will also be the basis for working demonstrations of a Continua Alliance-certified connected personal healthcare application and a home/building automation application, both based on the oneM2M standard.
  • Finally, InterDigital will feature the oneMPOWER IoT solution app developers kit, which supports a powerful “drag and drop” mashup builder that can be used to rapidly create rich, interactive IoT applications, real-time dashboards, collaborative workspaces and mobile interfaces with minimal coding.

In addition to demonstrations, InterDigital will be a gold sponsor at an executive luncheon presented by FierceWireless, titled “5 Steps to Building a Smart City,” on Monday, February 22, 2016, from 12:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. CET at the Fira Congress Hotel in Barcelona.

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