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InterDigital, a mobile technology research and development company, announced that one of its researchers has been recognized as one of the top 50 leading Industrial IoT (“IIoT”) 5G Industrialists and Innovators by RCR Wireless, a prestigious mobile industry publication. Dirk Trossen, principal engineer at InterDigital Europe, has been praised for his efforts in 5G research and development, specifically for his leadership of the POINT (“iP Over IcN — the BetTer ip”) and RIFE (aRchitecture for an Internet For Everybody) 5G projects for the European Commission.

RCR Wireless’s IIoT 5G Industrialists were selected based on their vision and leadership in developing and implementing industrial IoT and 5G strategies. RCR Wireless created its list of top 50 industrialists and innovators based on individual contributions, research and leadership associated with specific use cases involving industrial IoT and/or 5G technology.

“While researching a story on the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 project, we met Dirk in London to review InterDigital’s participation in various H2020 ICT 2016-2017 work programs,” said Jeff Mucci, CEO and Editorial Director for RCR Wireless News. “Dirk’s deep understanding of 5G, and leadership in live networking proof of concepts, uniquely qualified him for recognition in our inaugural Top 50 IIoT 5G Industrialist and Innovator selections.”

In his role at InterDigital, Dirk Trossen is responsible for driving the development of systems and solutions that improve the overall end user experience, with a focus on mobile network architecture. The POINT project aims to develop technology, innovations, and business value chains that leverage emerging information centric networking technology (ICN) in commercially viable ways. The project is based on the hypothesis that many current IP-based applications can run ‘better’ on an ICN-based network than on current IP networks. Project RIFE leverages advanced emerging networking technology to address the major societal challenge of providing affordable internet access by increasing the efficiency of the underlying transport networks and the involved architectures and protocols.

Dirk Trossen commented, “This recognition by RCR Wireless reflects the leadership role that the entire team at InterDigital is playing in the development of future technologies that will expand access and yield new use cases, which benefits companies and individuals alike. 5G and IoT are poised to reshape the future, and as discussion and debate continues around the roles these technologies will play we are thrilled to have been identified for our contributions in making these technologies a reality.”

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