Photo source: www.interdigital.com/

With 1.3 billion mobile users and nearly half of the handset market share in 2015, China is one of the world leaders in the mobile industry. InterDigital, a mobile technology research and development company, will demonstrate its latest innovations in the future generation of mobile networks and wireless in China at MWC Shanghai, Asia’s biggest mobile industry event, being held June 29 through July 1, 2016.

InterDigital will showcase innovation that comprises the future of mobile networks. The three major demonstration areas include Enhanced Mobile Broadband, Next Generation Networks (NGN) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

  • Enhanced Mobile Broadband: One of the first of its kind, and more than five years ahead of expected broad market rollout of 5G, InterDigital’s 5G access technology platform is an enhanced mobile broadband solution which demonstrates 5G access link technologies for enabling higher capacity mobile broadband and low latency communication.
  • NGN: The evolution to 5G will require a new way of envisioning the architecture of network infrastructure. InterDigital will showcase a unique NGN architecture with a flexible routing solution that reinvents the approach to IP-based services. This NGN architecture and technology has been developed in collaboration with four other collaborators from the EU-funded collaborative research and development projects, POINT (“iP Over IcN — the betTer IP”) and RIFE (aRchitecture for an Internet For Everybody).
  • IoT: By 2020, it is anticipated that nearly 50 billion devices will be connected. However, the promise of IoT is not more connected devices, but rather the business and societal value that can be unlocked through the creation of smarter cities, transportation and services. InterDigital will highlight how its suite of IoT solutions, including oneMPOWER™ and wot.io™, enable smart buildings, services and cities to move communications to the next level. The cornerstone of the IoT showcase is oneTRANSPORT, an innovative smart cities initiative which recently expanded its reach by 2.5 million residents through the Birmingham Smart Routing Project.

“With a major stake of the handset market, China is a leader in the mobile industry with real influence in the advancement of mobile technology,” said Robert DiFazio, Vice President, InterDigital Labs – Future Wireless, InterDigital. “Our presence this year at Mobile World Congress Shanghai, Asia’s biggest mobile event of the year, underscores the strength of our company’s research and contributions to the industry worldwide.”

For more information, visit: www.interdigital.com.