Nevales Networks, an innovator that securely connects branch offices, work groups and remote workspaces, has embraced Next Gen technologies flawlessly in security and connectivity domains in the past and even avowed being future proof. With cloud based security offerings, Nevales caters to the new model of security gamut under IoT, the new tech buzz. As per the latest research, in the near future almost half of all IP traffic will originate from non-PC devices. IDC expects the IoT market to be $8.9 trillion in 2020 and have a compound annual growth rate of 7.9 percent.

Cloud, Bring Your Own Device and IoT are creating a permanent pattern shift, significantly impacting on how enterprises and consumers use technology. Security models have been based on devices up to now. When it was only desktops, the security measures were simple, with laptops adding mobility. Security models changed in accordance. Now that we are in the era of IoT, with endless devices creating a network, the security needs have come far. Not every device can have software installed for security and not all the players vying to tap IoT are experts in security. In fact, endpoint and traditional security measures are not really capable of handling the complex IoT security needs.

Nevales provides comprehensive managed security solutions with proven customer deployments: cloud based network security solutions including firewalls, intrusion detection services and more to maintain strong network security. In the ever-dynamic IoT environment, a blend of approaches from mobile and cloud architectures would be a best fit for security. With cloud based network security, Nevales offers a perfect security model for all devices connected within IoT. This ensures the security of the entire network of the connected devices.

Nidhi Shrivastava, Director-Business Development, Nevales Networks, adds “High levels of connectedness will pave the way for unique security challenges in data privacy and security. An integrated security solution would be the best way to ensure security under the IoT. It’s important that we understand the security aspect well, both as an entrepreneur who is entering the luring IoT array and as an end customer who is waiting to play with the IoT miracles in near future.”