The web is buzzing with the catchphrase “The Internet of Things,” (IoT) which refers to the way in which the Internet impacts our lives by reducing the need for humans to handle the operation of the gadgets, tools and technology around us, by creating objects that pass on information to one another through advanced connectivity. When things we use are “online” in this way, our professional lives become more efficient, while our personal lives improve in quality. All this advanced technology allows us to have more time to enjoy our hobbies and leisurely activities, as well as spend time with our family and friends.

The revolution of IoT has already begun, and it is taking the information technology sector by storm. According to a recent article by The Guardian, an estimated 50 billion devices will be connected by the year 2020, as the trend continues to spread across related industries., one of the largest e-commerce companies inthe United States, launched the dash button in 2015, a button that can be placed on regular household items and locations in order to instantly order a participating product that the consumer is running out of. For example, one can now order toothpaste or detergent by pressing the button and alerting Amazon that new supply is desired.

IoT is the very materialization of the core Interush belief that “The Internet Makes Everything Possible.” The Internet is no longer thought of as restricted to our desktops, tablets, mobile phones or laptops, it is quickly becoming a thread that weaves together devices and technology that we use to make life easier on a daily basis. As an example, we wear pedometers that count our steps and track our caloric intake; we use mobile phone applications that control the lights, locks and alarms in our homes; we are starting to use the first iteration of cars that can park themselves, and as final example, we navigate with GPS systems that talk to us and tell us where to go. You can ask your personal mobile phone “assistant” any question and you’ll get some type of answer (even if it’s not always the most logical one). A mobile phone can set reminders for you so that you never have to forget a task; she can provide directions to the nearest gas station; and she can even convert units of measurement for you when you are grocery shopping for cooking ingredients.

Interush International LLC, a leading innovator of technologies for an Asian clientele, offers products that seamlessly connect your Internet devices, true to the principle of the Internet of Things. PHYTTER® DOCK is one example: a cloud-based digital file storage system that allows you to access them anytime, anywhere through your preferred web-connected device, linking all of your gadgets through one solution. PHYTTER®, a portable VoIP technology, allows you to phone, FAX and instant message any phone or computer, providing for versatile online communications.

The Internet is the invention of the 21st century. It continues to revolutionize the way we live as we evolve into increasingly more advanced human beings. As we like to emphasize, our mission at Interush is: “To inspire, teach and empower people to live happier, healthier and more affluent lives through being able to more fully utilize the Internet.”

PHYTTER® DOCK is a cloud storage system provided by PHYTTER®, a VoIP online communication and messaging software solution that is powered by Interush Media, LLC of Irvine, California, which markets within the rapidly expanding information technology sector in Asia. For more information about PHYTTER DOCK and PHYTTER, visit

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