InvenSense , a leading provider of MEMS sensor platform solutions, announces the availability of the ICS-43434 providing the most efficient audio path for space constrained wearables and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. InvenSense’s new ICS-43434 I2S microphone provides 65% power savings in its low power mode compared to existing solutions while delivering excellent acoustic performance targeted to IoT and Wearable application.

Providing a direct digital I2S interface to the main application processor, the ICS-43434 eliminates the need for the CODEC in smartphones commonly used with analog microphones. This approach saves area and reduces power consumption, especially critical to a wearable design where small board space and small battery are important to enabling a small form factor. The ICS-43434 acoustical properties have also been optimized for wearable and IoT applications where high sensitivity is needed to listen for user’s command as the main means of communication in a low power state. The InvenSense ICS-43434 is able to maintain this high acoustic sensitivity while at the same time it avoids acoustical distortion or voice that can happen when the user brings a wearable device close to for a voice command in a noisy environment such as concert. This combination of system efficiency along with targeted-acoustical properties result in industrial designs that are functional and elegant at the same time.

“InvenSense continues to be committed to introducing disruptive, high performance and innovative Audio solutions into the market,” said Eitan Medina vice president marketing and product management, InvenSense. “The new ICS-43434 provides the most flexible and efficient system design, enabling our OEM partners to create a differentiated audio experience where audio is the main means of communication with the device.”

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