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InvenSense, a leading provider of MEMS sensor platform solutions, announced the ICM-20603, a 6-axis inertial sensor targeted for Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality/Head Mounted Display (AR/VR/HMD) applications. AR/VR/HMD and 3D audio headsets are primed for vast growth within the next few years (IHS reports 52% CAGR). Consumers are showing great interest in highly immersive experiences with media and content targeted for gaming, movies, 3D music, shopping, education, professional training, and real-estate. The InvenSense ICM-20603’s performance delivers on that promise with best-in-cltass gyroscope stability vs. time and temperature, coupled with proprietary integrated technology for real time response and content synchronization. These proprietary technologies which allow faster refresh rates on video, and tighter alignment of head tracking motion with content, are essential to creating immersive experiences that avoid user discomforts such as eye stress, headache and nausea.

In addition, the ICM-20603 comes with a compatible 1KHz 9-axis sensor fusion library and software to create a platform for compelling new sensor-rich VR devices.

“Virtual Reality devices are growing at a rapid pace, with opportunity for additional sensor content in the Head Mounted Display and accompanying accessories,” said Eitan Medina, vice president of marketing and product management at InvenSense. “This presents an exciting opportunity for InvenSense which is leading the competition in meeting the rigorous performance demands of this market segment and delivering an exceptional user experience.”

The InvenSense 6-axis ICM-20603 samples are available now and in production. For additional information and data sheets, please visit