IOActive, Inc. announced its Internet of Things (IoT) assurance services. The new services are designed to help technology innovators protect the billions of IoT devices coming online, defend public and private sector organizations from related threats, and further empower the secure growth of smart cities.

According to Gartner, 4.9 billion connected things will be in use during 2015, up 30 percent from 2014, and will reach 25 billion by 2020. This will require more extensive security for connected devices, systems, applications, cloud services, and platforms.

“This new service line from IOActive is a natural step in the firm’s offerings, as more and more enterprises increase their interactions with the data and devices of the Internet of Things. The company has the research pedigree, as well as years of knowledge working with technology vendors, that ideally positions them to secure the Internet of Things,” said Ian Cook, IOActive advisory board member and CEO of Corbels Security Services.

As part of today’s announcement, IOActive is also pleased to report that it is joining forces with the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) to extend the benefits of its security research into the broader security industry, and ultimately drive global awareness.

“Having IOActive Labs contribute testing methodologies and best practices into our Internet of Things working group helps fast track our mission to shape regulations and address privacy issues facing the enterprise. Partnering with IOActive as they drive awareness into enterprises is a perfect fit for us, and I welcome working further with them,” said Jim Reavis, co-founder and CEO of the Cloud Security Alliance.

IOActive’s IoT assurance service include:

· Technology Assurance Services

· In-depth research on vulnerabilities and threats

· Security Development Life Cycle (SDLC) enabling technology vendors to incorporate security at the start of the product development process

· Vendor assistance for managing vulnerability reporting and disclosure, as well as defining processes for secure software and firmware updates

· Hardware, software, firmware testing and assurance

· Assisting early stage technology vendors with rapid go-to-market needs

· Enterprise Assurance Services

· Assessing enterprise deployment and integration strategies to limit corporate exposure to threats

· Testing infrastructure controls and simulating adversary attack patterns for organizational readiness

· Assessing cloud security architecture and protection

· Hardware, software, firmware testing and assurance

Established Experience

IOActive’s groundbreaking research and responsible vulnerability disclosures for CyberLock, PetCube, Belkin, and many more, support the company’s service offerings with its authority on IoT and smart city security.

Research includes:

· State of the art Hardware lab – Analyzing technology from chip-to-code

· Smart cities consortium – Solve the cybersecurity challenges through collaboration and information sharing

· Traffic control systems – Highlighted security issues facing smart cities and the IoT

· SATCOM security – Underlining vulnerabilities in the satellite communication (SATCOM) terminals used by the government, emergency service, industrial (oil rigs, gas, electricity), media, aerospace, maritime, and military sectors

· Vehicle security – Leading industry research and services for the world of the connected cars and what it means to the automotive industry

“We’re in the midst of a revolution that is drastically altering technology development, business strategies, and municipal management. As disruptive technology adds challenges for the good guys, it also adds as well as opportunities for the adversary. Businesses and cities will encounter regulatory and privacy issues that will transform them, while technology innovators are seeking guidance with building security into the product life cycle. Research-driven services, such as IoT assurance, are critical in helping all of these groups securely achieve their outcomes,” said Matt Rahman, executive vice president –global sales and marketing for IOActive.

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About IOActive

IOActive is the industry’s only research-driven, high-end information security services firm with a proven history of better securing our customers through real-world scenarios created by our security experts. Our world-renowned consulting and research teams deliver a portfolio of specialist security services ranging from penetration testing and application code assessment to chip reverse engineering across multiple industries. IOActive is the only security services firm that has a dedicated practice focusing on Smart Cities and the transportation and technology that connects them. Global 500 companies across every industry continue to trust IOActive with their most critical and sensitive security issues. Founded in 1998, IOActive is headquartered in Seattle, US, with global operations through the Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pac regions.