IONaer 7000 air purification system

IONaer International is using their patent-pending whole-house air quality management system to improve quality of life of its users and to redefine the value of integrated air purification systems in the marketplace.

“Negative ionization has been recognized by clinical research, university studies, and the EPA as an effective means of cleaning the air,” explained IONaer International’s COO Perry Michael Pauley, PhD. “The challenge for us was to develop a whole-house air purification solution that integrated the highest quality sensors, with the latest air purification technology. That’s exactly what we have accomplished, and the testimonials confirm it.”

Performance testimonials speak of 99.9% of mold removal from a home’s air, asthma attacks eliminated, freedom gained from the reduction of medication for both asthma and allergies, and the elimination of smoke from user’s homes.

The IONaer technology utilizes the latest in ionization air purification combined with a patent-pending ozone filter to give the consumer clean air without the side effect of ozone.

By combining air quality sensors, any smart device, and an IONaer 7000 purification system, the consumer receives a detailed view of indoor air quality and the means to enjoy clean, energized air free of allergens, pathogens, odors, smoke mold, ozone, and chemicals.

“According to the EPA, the average consumer spends more than 9 out of 10 hours indoors,” continued Pauley. “People, myself included, tend go out of our way to purchase organic food and purified water, but we can easily forget that we breathe in over 3,400 gallons of air each day. I believe that healthy air leads to a healthy life.”

According to the EPA, indoor ozone is a major problem in buildings and large cities due to the use of electronics and outdoor pollution. In addition to cleaning the air of particulates, IONaer’s unique Ozone Depletion Mode™ monitors and removes high levels of indoor ozone through its specialized and patent-pending ozone filter.

HVAC and home automation installers should contact IONaer International to learn how to offer the IONaer 7000 indoor air quality management solution as a part of their product menu.

IONaer International, LLC, is committed to bringing pure, clean air into homes and businesses. The executive management team at IONaer brings together decades of expertise in air purification, automated control systems, and IoT (internet of things). Tim Bender is the Chief Strategy Officer, one of the pioneers who brought ionization technology to the United States from Europe in the early 2000’s. The company’s engineering team brings experience from projects completed for NASA and the DOD.

After more than two years of research and development and an extensive beta-testing program, IONaer’s knowledge and experience come together in the IONaer 7000. The most sophisticated, all-natural, clean, whole-home air purification system available today.