Are you looking to buy or rent a new house, apartment, condo or townhouse? If you’re working with a Real Estate agent, you probably have seen him or her use one of these:

They are the latest suite of products from Supra, a system that makes it easy for agents to show properties and gives homeowners peace of mind knowing that all showings are tracked.

Some people may already know my ‘other’ venture I started in January 2014 – the Open House Management Platform. While doing some research on how to implement the iBeacon, location aware technology platform for managing and attending the open houses, I ran across this IoT device that definitely makes life a lot easier for real estate agents. Now they can easily track who opens the lockbox, and when without having to be there in person.

The Supra System makes it easy for showing agents to access properties and for listing agents to track activity at client properties.
The latest Supra keybox adds Bluetooth® Low Energy technology, and communicates with newer smartphones without any additional hardware. A data record is created when a lockbox is opened, and the eKEY™ application on the smartphone immediately transmits that information to the Supra database so real estate agents can obtain real-time information about showings. The product catalog can be found here.

The possibilities for Internet of Things devices are endless, and verticals such as Real Estate are embracing them both out of necessity and out of convenience.