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Stringify, a thoughtful automation service for the IoT, has announced support for Android devices, with the app now available in beta on the Google Play store. The company has also announced several new partner integrations with key players in the consumer IOT space, including IFTTT, Steam, Twitch, Foobot, Smappee and Sengled.

A 2017 CES Innovations Honoree, Stringify has developed patent-pending, innovative solutions that address the challenges consumers face with IoT. The Stringify app connects smart home “things,” wearable devices, and other associated services to create powerful automated experiences that allow users to get more from each device or service, as well as any combination that suits the consumer.

“Stringify fills a critical need that smart device manufacturers are quickly coming around to understanding – unless you can connect to other things, your Internet ‘thing’ won’t sell well, or at all,” said Rob Enderle, president and principal analyst at Enderle Group. “Stringify has built a flexible, scalable platform that enables users to build great experiences and it has been designed to anticipate the growth of the IoT and connected living spaces. There are other vendors in this category, but I have yet to run into anyone else that has a more complete solution than Stringify, and when it comes to the concept of IoT, complete is king.”

The platform is easy to use and helps the user visualize their connections while also providing increased functionality to every product connected to the system. Stringify supports well over 500 products and services, and the value of each increases substantially as it connects to the larger ecosystem, opening up new use cases for both user and manufacturer.

Customized Automations to Enhance the Power of Smart Devices and Services

Stringify is built around “Flows,” which are customized automations that enhance the power and capability of smart devices and services. Users can choose from a broad selection of pre-configured lifestyle-oriented Flows in a wide variety of categories from home security to parenting to entertainment.

One example of a Stringify Flow is to tell Amazon Alexa, “Alexa, tell Stringify Good Morning,” which sets in motion a series of activities that automate a morning routine. These can include fading on Philips Hue lights, setting the temperature on a Nest Thermostat, turning on the TV with Logitech Harmony, and generating a daily weather report, which will be read aloud via a Sonos speaker connected to SmartThings. Other examples include saving on heating costs when the door is left open, turning off the lights and arming security cameras when leaving for work, or simply notifying a spouse automatically with the commute time when leaving work for the day.

Users add their preferred Flows directly from an iOS or Android app, edit to customize them as they please, or create their own from scratch. The service delivers these powerful automations in an easy to understand, drag and drop style interface, complete with how to videos, tutorials, tips and starter Flows.

In addition, the app acts somewhat as a universal remote control, where users can go to manage simple tasks such as turning on and off lights, setting the temperature on a thermostat or checking their steps on their wearable. Daily tasks become incredibly simplified.

Partnerships are Key to Bringing Connected Living to the Masses

Stringify and other IoT automation players wouldn’t be able to deliver on the promise of true “connected living” without working together. New partners are continuously added to the Stringify platform, with the most recent addition being an announcement with IFTTT.

“We’re excited to welcome Stringify to IFTTT. Our partner platform is open to every service interested in building seamless experiences for their users, and we know Stringify will bring an amazing amount of creativity to their Flows. It’s a win for everyone,” said Linden Tibbets, CEO, IFTTT.

“IFTTT and Stringify are two leaders in IoT, both with an important charter to educate, inspire and engage people around connected living,” said Mike Yurochko, CEO of Stringify. “Our partnership allows users to reap the benefits of both worlds, by combining access to hundreds of services across IFTTT with Stringify’s automation technology suite. It’s a win-win.”

With the addition of Steam and Twitch to the Stringify, the modern gamer’s home and online environments can be even more connected. Smappee gives households a better understanding of their energy consumption while Foobot leads to healthier living environments for the entire family, and Sengled is revolutionizing smart home lighting.

Stringify currently supports more than 500 products and services including physical things such as: Amazon Alexa, Automatic, Ecobee,  Fitbit, Garageio, Homeboy, Honeywell , Jawbone UP, LIFX, Misfit, Netgear Arlo, Nest, Netatmo, Philips Hue, Rachio, Rainforest Eagle, Ring, Skybell, Withings, SmartThings, Insteon, Wink and Logitech Harmony. Digital services supported include: any RSS feed, Box, Buzzfeed, CNET, CNN, Craigslist, DropBox, eBay, Evernote, Facebook, Flickr, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Instagram, New York Times, Reddit, Slack, TechCrunch, Traffic – Powered by Google, Tumblr, Twitter, Yahoo News, Yelp and of course essentials like Location, Weather, Email, Mode and Notifications.

In addition to the new Android app, Stringify is available in the iTunes store.

Stringify for Android is a CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree in the highly competitive software and mobile apps category and will be on display at the event, which runs January 5-8, 2017, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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