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In 2016, technical progress in the car industry will focus on creating new user experience. Infotainment, telematics as well as navigation and IoT will evolve around this key theme. Providing a forecast of how businesses aim to do so will be at the core of this briefing.

This emerging trend will be framed within the context of a 2015 review. “We will evaluate the 2015 hits and misses, look back into evolution of autonomous vehicles, Connected Services, emerging markets and the pronounced focus on Connectivity as a key enabler of evolving business models,” Program Manager Krishna Jayaraman announces. “Further, the top predictions for 2016 will cover regional trends from Europe and North America to China and Brazil as well as connected services, HMI features and telematics services,” he continues.

Mahbubul Alam, Chief Technology Officer at Movimento, will shed light on how Movimento evaluates Big Data. Representing Movimento, company which has the objective to merge technology and the automotive sector, Mr. Alam will contribute to the discussion. “OEMs are pushing connectivity with the idea of seamless Internet of Things (IoT) and to realise revenue streams around big data,” notes Consulting Director Praveen Chandrasekar.

Hence, this briefing will offer a 360 degree view of connected car strategies. It will discuss the global trends, forecasts and business models. Reaching beyond the immediate chances and challenges, the market outlook up to 2021 will be given.


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