Among the emerging technologies that will revolutionize industries in future, the Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to make the most impact. From retail to healthcare and manufacturing to agriculture, innovations driven by IoT are generating tremendous value while increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

[x]cube LABS has created an extensive IoT landscape report for 2020 which takes an in-depth look at the future of IoT, all the projections, technical components and capabilities, use cases across industries and more. It also features a detailed guide on best practices across phases of pre-production, development, deployment and support.

This report is intended for leaders with IoT products looking to multiply businesses by venturing into new areas, decision makers thinking about how to build the first IoT product and whether it will make sense for their organizations and tech enthusiasts interested to explore the various ways IoT can transform things around them.

What’s in the report?

1) All the stats and projections-growth, spending (by verticals, geographies and more), focus areas etc

2) Technology deep dive-every component and system that makes up the Internet of Things

3) Securing IoT-the best ways to secure your solution

4) Use cases across major industries-healthcare, retail, agriculture, manufacturing and more

5) Development best practices-the right approach to various phases from planning to live-ops And much more…

[x]cube LABS help enterprises globally with digital transformation and digital technology adoption.