Internet of Things refers to the interrelated devices that are able to transfer data over a network without requiring computer and human interaction devices. Internet of Things is directly and indirectly associated with daily lifestyle products across the globe.

Internet of Things (IoT) is an advanced automation and analytics system that uses an ecosystem of networking, sensors and actuators, big data analysis engine, cloud computing, and intelligent technologies to deliver services. IoT will interconnect all the objects – living or nonliving.

—IoT Applications

Smart Life – By giving social insurance another patient driven model, imaginative models for managing an account and fund, effective and advantageous conveyance of open administrations.

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Smart City – By giving savvy administration of framework, shrewd metering and network administration, brilliant observation, more secure and mechanized transportation, more astute vitality administration frameworks.

Smart Manufacturing – It works by inserting sensors in the solid amid the pouring and curing process. The sensors give key data about solid quality and quality straightforwardly to the Smart Structures Work Station.

Smart Mobility – By aiding in plan of self-sufficient autos, savvy movement administration, productive appropriation, and coordinations.

—IoT Security Principles

Secure Device
Device Intelligence
Edge Processing
Secure Communication
Device-Initiated Connection
Identification, Authentication, and Encryption
Secure Lifecycle Management