AGT International, a global leader in Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for cities, and INT Intelligence and Telecom Technologies, a leading public safety provider in Mexico, announced today they have been awarded a contract to provide the City Safety solution to a Mexican law enforcement agency. By gathering and analyzing data from various sources and connected devices, AGT will provide the agency with access to the critical information and in-depth data analysis needed to better address safety risks and incidents, bringing the benefits of the IoT to life for Mexico’s citizens.

AGT’s smart city solution will improve overall city safety in Mexico by allowing decision makers to respond more quickly to incidents with effective and efficient resolutions to better serve its citizens. INT began to implement and leverage AGT’s City Safety solution to solve critical issues in December 2014.

City Safety uses data fusion and machine learning capabilities to correlate, validate and provide accurate information for city incident management and daily operations officials. The solution helps law enforcement agencies monitor public areas, accurately detect incidents early on, track potential suspects and respond faster to incidents through analysis of unusual activity patterns. By analyzing millions of data points generated by sensors throughout a city to identify real incidents and reduce false alarms, the City Safety solution will help improve the safety and security of Mexican residents.

“We are honored to bring AGT’s City Safety solution to Mexico in partnership with INT and provide officials with access to the relevant data needed for heightened awareness, better decision making and more effective resource management,” said Mati Kochavi, founder and CEO of AGT International. “Our smart city IoT analytics platform will provide law enforcement officials with the tools they need to create a safer city and provide their constituents with a better quality of life.”

“We are committed to using the most advanced technologies to improve the safety and security of citizens inMexico,” said Ignacio Roman, Director General of INT. “Our partnership with AGT will allow us to broaden our offering and deliver a complete solution that enables city officials to use previously untapped data for better decision-making, more efficient cities and a safer environment for residents.”‎

“AGT International is proud to partner with INT to provide the Mexican law enforcement agency with valuable IoT technology that will allow it to more effectively make critical decisions to increase city safety and security,” saidWayne Hull, Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Partnerships at AGT International.

The City Safety program will provide the Mexican law enforcement agency with a single, cohesive view of multiple systems, mobile access to critical information and incident detection through video analytics, as well as provide:

  • More effective and efficient decision-making;
  • Increased safety and security of citizens;
  • Quicker investigation of incidents;
  • Faster and safer incident resolution;
  • Detection and tracking of vehicles for intelligence, investigation and crime prevention;
  • Increased situational awareness for first responders and government leaders;
  • Protection of critical sites;
  • More efficient use of staff; and
  • Enhanced collaboration among multiple agencies and field forces.

In June, AGT successfully completed its safe cities test project in Singapore, demonstrating the company’s ability to leverage the IoT to enhance public safety and city management.

About AGT International

AGT International is a privately held multinational company headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland that specializes in the Internet of Things (IoT), including IoT analytics and applications, cloud solutions and professional services. AGT’s solutions enable optimization of manufacturing operations, city management, traffic flow, hospital administration, school connectivity and the safety of senior citizens at home.

AGT’s analytics and software platforms enable our customers to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, increase transparency and introduce new business models. They include an open IoT analytics platform for IoT application developers; an IoT solution for cities, CityMIND; and an IoT solution for vital infrastructure management, ReadyMIND.

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About INT Intelligence and Telecom Technologies

INT Intelligence and Telecom Technologies is a 100% Mexican company with extensive experience in telecommunications, information technology, intelligence, networking, video surveillance systems, vehicle control, and perimeter protection systems applied to public safety.

Their mission is to provide connected physical security solutions, transforming the protection of communities and critical infrastructure with the implementation of the latest generation of technologies and equipment.