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TEOCO, the leading provider of engineering, assurance and analytics solutions to communications service providers (CSPs) worldwide, announced comprehensive support for the planning of next-generation IoT networks. TEOCO’s market-leading network planning solution, ASSET Radio, now supports emerging Internet of Things standards including NB-Internet of Things , LTE-M and unlicensed LPWA technologies such as LoRa and Sigfox. These capabilities are available to all existing ASSET Radio 9.0 customers with no additional modules required. Additionally, through the ASSET Design module, TEOCO customers can use automatic planning and site creation capabilities to evaluate deployment scenarios and create designs that meet their strict coverage and server redundancy

Support for both licensed and un-licensed Internet of Things standards will offer greater flexibility to IoT service providers looking to build highly efficient IoT networks that support a wide range of current and emerging services and devices. These could range from Industrial applications to wearables, traffic management systems, healthcare and smart appliances. With TEOCO’s ASSET suite, Internet of Things service providers will be able to deploy unlicensed LPWA networks now and later integrate licensed Internet of Things technologies, such as LTE-M or NB-IoT when they become commercially available, ensuring seamless service provisioning across the entire range of Internet of Things applications.

Thanks to the ASSET suite’s flexible and forward-looking technology modeling, its customers can now benefit from these new Internet of Things design capabilities without having to acquire new modules. This is in line with TEOCO’s philosophy of delivering products and services that provide continuous value to customers and ensure the highest ROI.  

“IoT represents a significant commercial opportunity for mobile operators around the world,” said Daniel Ramirez, Director of RAN Products at TEOCO. “Each Internet of Things service provider will have its own path, depending on their existing infrastructure and competitive pressures. Both licensed and unlicensed Internet of Things technologies have a valuable role to play in helping operators monetize the IoT, but, to realize this, service providers must be able to model the costs and benefits of each option. The ASSET suite now offers this capability.”

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