Every year Machina Research provides ten predictions for what will happen in the M2M and IOT world. Pretty good top 10 List, David Letterman style: Machina Research’s ten predictions for M2M and IOT in 2014

Healthcare in rural areas of the US gets serious support from an Intel Internet of Things (IoT) solution. See the YouTube video.

Another great article on IoT in Healthcare is Three Ideas Wearable Designers Should Steal From This Smart Medical Device on Wired.com. If you have done anything with body surface sensors, the Artefactgroup technology is amazing!

(*** if you haven’t read the Why? section of our website, working on the CMAPPro device is what started it all for the IoT.do founder)

Intel also wants you to read about privacy and security challenges in healthcare IoT. Unlocking Full Benefits of Internet of Things for Healthcare

Digi.com has a promo for SteadyServ, discussing IoT and Beer. Definitely worth reading. The Beer Industry Gets Crafty with the Internet of Things

It’s confirmed – we have decided to build a community of IoT DOers. Collaborate, ask for help, talk about your ideas, promote your products! A combination of StackOverflow, Kickstarter:

  • Register/Login: social media integrated, of course (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+)
  • Collaborate – need advice? have advice? how have others done it?
  • Promote – built something cool? need a marketplace dedicated to IoT to promote it?
  • Stay informed – who bought whom? who released what? who is going to jail – just kidding.
  • Version 2 – gateway? APIs? control hub? We’re listening

Responsive Web of course, for the website (AngularJS, BootStrap). Cloud based of course. API based of course. Mobile applications, of course. Did we leave anything out?

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