IBM wants you to DO the IoT with Node-RED. Great read. How IBM’s Node-RED is hacking together the internet of things 

Semiconductor Engineering wants you to now that realizing the full potential of the Internet of Things will require a cohesive hardware and software design approach. Of course, that’s not new news if have been doing IoT for some time now. IoT Creates New IP Requirements

If you’d like to read a very good summary of The Connected City on-display at this years’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Daily Mail’s article Tomorrow’s world: Shops replaced by posters, self-driving cars and clothes that detect illness could all soon become reality has each company and how they do the IoT.

Terradata wants you to DO as much IoT as possible.  Because, well, you got to store all the data from everything somewhere. Read their IoT Issue.

It’s confirmed – we have decided to build a community of IoT DOers. Collaborate, ask for help, talk about your ideas, promote your products! A combination of StackOverflow, Kickstarter:

  • Register/Login: social media integrated, of course (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+)
  • Collaborate – need advice? have advice? how have others done it?
  • Promote – built something cool? need a marketplace dedicated to IoT to promote it?
  • Stay informed – who bought whom? who released what? who is going to jail – just kidding.
  • Version 2 – gateway? APIs? control hub? We’re listening

Responsive Web of course, for the website (AngularJS, BootStrap). Cloud based of course. API based of course. Mobile applications, of course. Did we leave anything out? – Do You Even IoT BRO?