SeeControl recently announced a partnership with ReZolt. ReZolt will bolster their existing container tracking hardware solutions with the power of SeeControl’s massively scalable cloud software. Container, trailer and heavy equipment tracking is one of the leading IoT market applications and needs powerful connectivity paired with reliable and rugged field-proven devices.

Standard reports provided by SeeControl’s CargoTracr application include: location, tamper detection, operational information, supply chain data, door opening and more, all in real time for shipments by road, rail or sea. This solution is deployed by syncing the ReZolt WiTrak device with SeeControl’s IoT software. The ReZolt device is a customizable, unique tracking device for Multimodal Passive Asset Management that utilizes an ultra-long life battery and detects things such as speed, motion, shock and temperature.

A user can monitor the status of any tracked container in a secure manner via internet-enabled PCs, laptops, or mobile devices. The program features built-in workflow modules as well as web and email alerts. The platform tools enable SeeControl to rapidly add new capabilities based on application requirements.

“Getting reliable location and condition information about assets in the field is critical,” says Parthesh Shastri, VP Strategy at SeeControl. “We are pleased to be working with ReZolt WiTrak devices to power the next generation Asset Tracking and Monitoring solutions for our customers.”

“Focused on Multimodal Passive Asset Management – MPAM – market, WiTrak device from ReZolt delivers unprecedented battery life in years for tracking passive assets such as containers, trailers, rail-cars and heavy equipment,” stated Vijay Parmar, ReZolt President and CEO. “In combination with SeeControl’s IoT Platform, SeeControl and ReZolt are enabling industry’s first solution that enables lower operational costs and increased revenue for multimodal passive asset fleets.”

Shastri explains, “ReZolt has a well-established framework that develops these products rapidly and at a much lower development cost, which naturally aligns with our M2M Cloud Platform.”

About SeeControl

SeeControl arms Product Makers and Solution Integrators with one of a kind M2M cloud apps for the Industrial Internet age. The Nexus Cloud Platformtm organizes and makes sense of data from the Internet of Things (IoT) with no coding skills required. Scores of customers ranging from ABB, HP, and Fujitsu, as well as IoT innovators entrust their hundreds of thousands of things around the world with SeeControl.

About ReZolt 

ReZolt focuses on the Internet of Things. We provide original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) the building blocks they need to upgrade embedded devices and turn them into wirelessly connected Smart Devices. Our comprehensive, end-to-end solutions – including software, hardware, and engineering services – enable low power, multi-protocol, multi-sensor wireless connectivity deeply embedded devices reducing the attendant time, cost and manpower investments associated with the research and development process.