Artificial intelligence is changing everyday life in dramatic ways, and Japan-based startup SmartEstate is now bringing that change to real estate. The company will use machine learning to automate the house rental transaction, taking people almost entirely out of the equation.

The CEO of SmartEstate believes real estate transactions are inefficient and expensive primarily because they require people (owners, brokers) at every step. The SmartEstate platform solves this problem by replacing all that manual, human work with AI and machines.

Thanks to the innovation of SmartEstate, the owner or broker does not have to be physically present to rent out a house — he or she might be on the other side of the world, yet the platform still handles everything effortlessly. The platform is equally efficient whether owner or broker has one or a thousand houses to rent. SmartEstate is truly a “set it and forget it” operation, so owners or brokers can tend to other aspects of their business, as well as enjoy more family and personal time.

One of SmartEstate’s most groundbreaking innovations is the abandonment of traditional keys. Instead, the company has leveraged Internet of Things (IoT) technology to develop a “cloud key” that can be stored on any smartphone. With this approach, a tenant can start the moving-in process within seconds, without having to wait on physical keys.

Getting started with SmartEstate is as simple. After registering and listing the house, the company installs an IoT device (for access control) at no charge to the owner. Prospective tenants generate a cloud key granting them 30 minutes inside the house — enough time for a thorough tour.

When a tenant likes what they see, SmartEstate handles the transfer of payment to the owner. The tenant then selects a move-in and move-out date. The cloud key is only valid during this time frame. After moving out, a maintenance company is dispatched for any necessary cleanup and minor repairs. Finally, the house is ready to rent out once more. These are controlled automatically by SmartEstate’s program, etc.

Ultimately, SmartEstate wants to help create the society of tomorrow — a society where houses are rented, bought or sold with minimal involvement of humans. This will be a cheaper, faster, better way of doing things, and the benefits of AI and machine learning will quickly become apparent to everyone.

For a limited time, SmartEstate is offering a discounted service fee of just 2% on all contracts. The normal fee ranges from 3% to 15%.