Security solutions to expand smart IoT markets

Intelling is publishing a new Smart Insights Report “Security solutions to expand smart IoT markets” that analyzes the Internet of Things (IoT) security business opportunity. Although the potential benefits are undeniable, today most IoT systems lack adapted security architectures to face the risks of a connected world. IoT complexity demands the implementation of security solutions from end-to-end of the value chain.

Smart Insights Report “Security solutions to expand smart IoT markets” focuses on secure IoT opportunities in six market segments (smart home, consumer devices, automotive, smart cities, industrial IoT and healthcare). It forecasts secure IoT device shipments and their installed base in six market segments between 2017 and 2022. In each market segment, shipments are also calculated according to the type of security solution adopted (i.e. software, hybrid or hardware.) Moreover, product and services revenues are also computed for each segment during the forecast period.

Thierry Spanjaard, CEO of Smart Insights declares: “IoT is the major business opportunity our industry has seen since mobile phones. But to reach its full potential, security must be the cornerstone of IoT systems. The secure transactions industry has a long standing experience securing connected devices; its stakeholders are the logical choice for IoT security platform providers.”

Smart Insights Report “Security solutions to expand smart IoT markets” has been conducted combining Smart Insights long-standing experience and unique positioning in the secure transactions industry with interviews with key players in the IoT industry. It is an essential tool to all key stakeholders in secure transactions and IoT industries such as solution providers, hardware and software providers, system integrators, standards organizations, technology developers, etc.

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