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Midea, the household appliance manufacturing giant, announced on March 8 updates to M-Smart, a smart home system designed for the future of family living, on the eve of AWE (Appliance & Electronics World Expo) 2016, the most important event in the Chinese household appliance industry.

Midea’s CTO Zack Hu, together with the chief architect of M-Smart Li Qiang, illustrated Midea’s smart household products, and the intelligent ecology of M-Smart respectively, showcasing the open cooperation strategy, leading to an unprecedentedly interconnected experience.

Covering more than 30 product categories, with over 200 million annual household units, Midea is China’sbiggest manufacturer of consumer appliances. The average Chinese household has 2.5 units of Midea products. Thirty million Midea smart products are expected to be shipped in 2016. The smart home market could reach US$ 100 billion in the coming 3-5 years, as many market studies indicate. With the No.1 shipments of household appliances worldwide, Midea has sufficient resources to score successes in its smart home scenarios and users’ need design. By becoming better known worldwide, Midea is establishing itself as an ecological technology leader with M-Smart, and building an image as the Master of Intelligent Hardware.

More than 50 partners including Huawei, COFCO, IBM, and OnStar are on board. Midea also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with GM OnStar, pioneering the intelligent ecology between the smart mobility of connected vehicles and smart home systems in China, which would be first seen in the latest generation Buick LaCrosse. It is also the first example of interconnected cross-category intelligent devices in China. Up to now, Midea M-Smart has helped many smart home big players achieve open access; these include Huawei, Tencent, Xiaomi, TCL, LeTV and OnStar etc., allowing consumers to manage their household appliances more efficiently. IBM, Alibaba Cloud, and Amazon also formed a “Band of Brothers” alliance with Midea, so as to establish an ecosystem of household appliances and offer individualized services throughout the entire process, from operation systems to cross-category intelligent usage, to cutting-edge after-sales service.

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