STMicroelectronics new products and reference designs for the consumer IoT segment, as well as ST’s participation in jointly-designed solutions with other industry leaders to enable new functions and capabilities in smartphones, wearables, and other mobile applications. These include:

  • New ultra-low power MEMS sensors that enable true always-on sensing and better optical image stabilization (OIS) for smartphones and other consumer electronic devices,. These sensors offer 50% or more battery efficiency compared to industry-leading solutions on the market today;
  • An ST-ams jointly-designed solution that secures transactions over NFC in ARM’s reference design for wearables using ST’s NFC Controller and Secure Element SIP;
  • The Gemalto-Fingerprint Card-Precise Biometrics-ST solution for fingerprint authentication in wearables and consumer devices that uses ST’s ST54E System-in-Package to match fingerprint patterns in combination with an STM32F4 microcontroller for fingerprint image processing, and an embedded Secure Element and NFC controller to manage applications including payment, e-ticketing, and digital access.

ST will showcase its industry-leading portfolio of solutions for Smart Driving, including products for advanced safety systems (ADAS), car connectivity, and security. The new products include:

  • New secure microcontrollers to protect the various systems in the car as they become more connected and accessible to intrusion. These secure MCUs complement ST’s existing automotive-grade MCUs;
  • New long-range 77GHz radar products that supplement ST’s extensive portfolio of radar (24GHz), vision (vision processors with partner Mobileye), and car-to-car / car-to-infrastructure products (V2X, with partner Autotalks). Taken together this portfolio addresses the complete needs of the automotive industry on the path towards always-connected, safer driving.

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