IoT Tech Expo

The leading IoT event series is returning to Silicon Valley later this month and there are plenty of free areas which you can get involved with. Taking place on November 29-30 alongside the Blockchain Expo and AI Expo, the IoT Tech Expo North America event will host 9,000 attendees to explore the entire ecosystem, introducing the latest technology innovations across 15 conference tracks in addition to hosting a vast exhibition of over 300 companies and over 300 industry leading speakers.

Here are just 7 of the free aspects at the event which you can get involved with:

1. Dedicated Bluetooth Session

Taking place on November 29 on the ‘IoT Innovations & Technologies’ stage, Bluetooth will host a unique series of fireside chats which will tap some of the leading integrators, suppliers, customers and analysts to explore the impact a newly expanded range of fit-for-purpose network topologies from Bluetooth across multiple sectors, including Smart Industry, Smart Buildings, Smart Cities, and Smart Homes. Panellists from Bluetooth, Intel, National Instruments, Aruba and more will explore how Bluetooth technology is transforming connected places into smart places.

2. The vast exhibition showcasing the latest tech

With 300+ exhibitors, including a dedicated AI start-up zone, you will see the latest IoT, Blockchain and AI innovations in action, from bots to drones, connected home devices to Machine Learning, AI to wearables.

3. 2 co-located events

Co-located with the IoT Tech Expo, the Blockchain Expo and AI Expo will allow you to explore 3 ecosystems in 1 and discover how the convergence of these 3 areas is powering the future of technology!

4. 6 Conference Tracks covering IoT, Blockchain and AI

Your Free Expo Pass will provide access to 6 conference tracks; Developing for the IoT, IoT Innovations & Technologies, ICOs & Blockchain Technologies, Developing Blockchain Applications, AI for Developers and Bot & Virtual Assistant Development. Register for your free expo pass here.

5. Keynote Panel: Monetisation – Unlocking the revenue potential

Within the ‘Developing for the IoT’ conference, senior-level speakers from Wells Fargo, Visa, Geotab and Momenta Partners will be discussing different strategies to enable monetisation and achieve competitive advantage and asking the question; Should companies move away from one function devices? The session will explore the role of collaboration, how partnerships can help unlock revenue potential and ways which new data sources can be utilised to provide new opportunities. November 30 – 2pm.

6. NASA Session: AI powering missions to Mars

For over 50 years, NASA’s crewed missions have been confined to the Earth-Moon system, where speed-of-light communications delays between crew and ground are practically non-existent. Jeremy Frank, Group Lead at NASA, will discuss why future astronauts will need smarter tools employing AI techniques make decisions without inefficient communication back and forth with ground-based mission control. This session will describe several demonstrations of astronaut decision support tools using AI techniques as a foundation. November 29 – 12pm.

7. Panel: Blockchain from the investor’s perspective: A VC view of the marketplace

According to Markets and Markets, the global blockchain technology market is expected to rise from $210m in 2016 to $2.31bn by 2021. In this session, leading venture capitalists and investors will examine the emerging blockchain technology landscape and why there is so much attention around the sector. November 29 – 2pm.

These are just 7 of the free areas you can get involved with at the IoT Tech Expo North America 2017 in Silicon Valley on November 29-30! All you need to do is register for your FREE expo pass to experience all of the above and more.