Smart Weight Pin

Despite the high-tech appearance of today’s weight machines, the essential yet humble weight pin remains a passive piece of metal. Fresh off the announcement of its disruptive health club platform, Smart Health Club Systems™ unveils smart WEIGHT-PIN™ at IHRSA, the global fitness tradeshow. Club members no longer need to record exercises manually because smart WEIGHT-PIN™ automatically tracks sets, reps, tempo, range, calories burned and weight-lifted — as they workout. What Fitbit® did for activity tracking, smart WEIGHT-PIN™ will do for weight machines.

“With smart WEIGHT-PIN™ the fitness industry can finally measure workouts and outcomes from strength and conditioning training, only available with cardio workouts until now. Science and medical research prove that weight training is critical for strengthening bones and muscles,” emphasizes Mike Alpert, CEO of The Claremont Club, California’s largest, single-location club at 10,000 members. There, Smart WEIGHT-PIN™, an IoT device, has undergone extensive stability and reliability testing. It extends the Smart Health Club Platform™ that already replaces standalone calendaring, scheduling, training and nutrition apps with one app.

“Trainers can now develop training plans for their clients to maximize muscle size, strength or endurance and achieve specific goals,” says Praveen Kashyap, Founder and CEO of Smart Health Club Systems. “With average and maximum smart POWER™ numbers, trainers and athletes can optimize training regimens,” continues Kashyap, “while fitness clubs can optimize staffing and equipment maintenance with new metrics.” Developing smart WEIGHT-PIN™ has been a personal quest for Kashyap, an inventor and holder of 15 technology patents.

“I invite all IHRSA attendees to experience smart WEIGHT-PIN™ firsthand by entering the ‘WIN-the-PIN Challenge,'” says Rob Lueke, Chief Wellness Officer. Smart Health Club Systems™ is taking orders for smart WEIGHT-PIN™ at IHRSA, and, is also waiving its standard setup fee for clubs who join The Smart Health Club Network™ while there.