Smart Home

The Internet of Things, as one of the major technology trends in recent years, connects a bewildering array of products, from cars and containers to devices in the home. As the market for Smart Home becomes more demanding, the development and advancement of IoT technology widely attracts public attention and interest. Just as Gary Shapiro, CEO of the Consumer Technology Association, which hosts CES every year, says, home technology and the ability to watch content on different devices will be big themes at the show in 2016. As a professional supplier for IoT devices and solutions, Wulian is dedicated to providing all types of Smart Home devices, sensors, controllers and IoT solutions for various industries. Wulian has grown into a global leading enterprise with achievements in the research and development of IoT sensors, controllers, mobile IoT, Cloud computing and big data.

At CES2016, Wulian concentrated on displaying the Smart Home system based on ZigBee Agreement. As a supervising system for Smart life, this system it is built on IoT, Cloud computing and big data technology and creates a perfect cooperation between hardware devices and software application platforms, aiming to enhance the security and health of modern family. With the mobile terminal of smart phones or tablets, users can realize security supervision, environment detection, health management and some other entertaining effects through the functions of Remote Control, Time Setting, Group Linkage and Scene Management.

There are more than 200 terminal devices based on the ZigBee agreement in Wulian Smart Home system, satisfying more than 95% customers’ requirements for the Smart Home. During this exhibition, Wulian displayed not only product series like Smart Outlets, Smart Switches, Smart Contact Sensors, Smart IR Detector and Smart Light Cameras, but also some advanced Smart Home products such as the Smart Vase ‘Dream Flower,’ Multi-function HD Camera, and the latest Smart Home APP, which all will made their first appearance at CES2016.

As a leading IoT enterprise, Wulian has devoted to the research and development of ZigBee technology since its foundation, and all the Wulian products and solutions have been successfully applied to a multiple of sub-fields in IoT; such as Energy-efficient Lighting, Security Supervision, Home Appliances Management, Environmental Detection, etc. With an increasing number of global programs in countries and areas like North America, Australia, South America, Russia, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, Wulian has undoubtedly become a vital important supporting power for the construction of intelligent cities worldwide. Meanwhile, Wulian also plays an active role in the research and promotion based on the open standards of ZigBee technology.

In March 2015, Wulian joined the ZigBee Alliance at the ‘Promoter’ level, as a new member in the Board of Directors after Philips, Legrand and Schneider, and cooperates together with other board members in the Alliance to promote the popularization of the global standards of ZigBee technology.

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