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The Internet of Things Community (IoTC), the world’s largest network of CxO’s and IoT professionals, has announced the agenda for its inaugural Health Slam 2016, IoT Healthcare virtual conference taking place December 2, 2016 in the cloud.

Health Slam focuses specifically on the opportunities and challenges associated with the application of IoT across Healthcare & Life Sciences, to improve the provision of patient care,  advance the finding of new cures for diseases, and ultimately to help save lives. At the event, attendees will gain access to a world-class lineup of speakers, presenting exclusive sessions on IoT thought leadership and best practices.

With exclusive contributions from Healthcare IoT experts at Zebra Technologies, IBM, Microsoft, Emerson, Spirent, Trackmybeat, Patient Planet, Wipro, ADRM software, 21st Century Analytics, Kollabio, Great Bay Software, LatticeWorx, Intelligent Insites, Clinixion, Reach IPS, Multilevel Leadership Consulting (MLC), Los Altos Consulting, and Health 24/7 amongst other leaders,  Health Slam 2016 is a must-attend event for anyone seeking to learn about best practices for IoT Healthcare.

Health Slam features insights and exclusive Healthcare IoT use-cases showcasing:

  • Practical steps to improving Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) security without expensive infrastructure upgrades or wholesale legacy medical device replacements
  • Applying enterprise information context to quickly grow IoT data sets to synthesize rich situational awareness and drive better outcomes for Healthcare stakeholders
  • Leveraging tools to identify the exact location, value, specifics and usage of all of their medical supplies and products at all times, dramatically improving clinical outcomes, point-of-use information, and integration of data into other systems
  • The convergence of smart sensors, mobile and cloud technologies to make “health” and “healthcare” more continuous
  • How to support the physician-patient relationship, securely enable data flow, and ensure real-time communication between all authorized parties
  • Identify factors to consider, such as location-sensing options, software applications available, and best paths for driving adoption across health systems
  • Exploring the adoption of clinical integration technology to enhance and complete population health, telehealth, Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) and other quality initiatives while reducing overall operating costs and patient emergency re-admissions
  • How to build a security environment that safeguards medical data both now and in a transformed healthcare environment

“We are excited to unveil the agenda for the inaugural Health Slam 2016 Conference,” said Chris Sullivan, Global Healthcare Practice Lead, Zebra Technologies and Chairman of the Health Slam Advisory Board. “We received great submissions which have led to a tremendous amount of world-class Healthcare IoT content. We are very pleased to deliver an event that features real-world industry use-cases and meaningful take-aways that provide actionable insights on key IoT Healthcare themes. We look forward to welcoming and hosting members of the IoTC, HeXN, and the broader Healthcare industry in the cloud.”

David Hill, Executive Director of IoTC, said, “We are excited to welcome this outstanding line-up of thought leaders and practitioners in Healthcare to the first Health Slam. We look forward to providing the template to realizing IoT best practices for other key verticals and welcoming the wider industry who will undoubtedly find Health Slam an illuminating insight into the many applications and associated challenges related to Healthcare. Combined with the IoT Grand Slam event taking place on Dec. 1, we will deliver the most comprehensive, cutting-edge IoT content, and this only typifies where the IoTC – IoT Community is headed in 2017 and beyond.”

Bill Mortimer, Vice President of Strategic Marketing at Spirent Communications, and IoT Slam Organizing Committee Chairman said, “We are excited to announce the agenda for the inaugural Health Slam 2016 Conference. Given the shift toward verticalization, there is now more than ever the need to apply IoT best practices to industry. The alignment of Health Slam to the Healthcare industry marks an event horizon which will enable Healthcare practitioners to embrace IoT – getting things right the first time, gaining all the benefits, with measures in place to mitigate risks. We look forward to sharing further expert, industry-aligned initiatives in 2017 – do stay tuned for that! “

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