Information Services Group (ISG), a leading global technology research and advisory firm, will host the ISG Future Workplace Summit March 26-27 at the Convene conference center in New York. The two-day event will explore important trends and technologies driving the rapid transformation of today’s workplace – changes that are improving employee experience, enhancing collaboration and increasing efficiency and productivity.

The event will feature a keynote presentation, “Looking for Answers to Collaboration Through Workplace Design,” from Margaret Gilchrist Serrato, Ph.D., workplace foresight architect from Herman Miller, Inc. In her presentation, Dr. Gilchrist Serrato will explore how new thinking around space utilization, innovation and employee engagement are leading to solutions that add value well beyond the conventional considerations of office space cost and square footage.

The conference, produced by ISG Events, will include a series of informative analyst presentations, customer panels and expert roundtables. Attendees will learn how to embrace the digital workplace revolution through an exploration of four key themes:

Collaboration & Innovation: With examples and insights into how workplace environment and technology support innovation, collaboration and mobility, this theme examines use of office design and technology to maximize efficiency and productivity.

New Ways of Working: Personalizing the Employee Experience: How will emerging technologies enable businesses to attract the right talent and increase employee engagement and productivity? Experts will discuss how technologies like virtual and augmented reality, wearables, the IoT, virtual assistants, and automation can be used to enable on-demand learning, promote wellness and productivity, and improve organizational collaboration and agility.

IoT & The Intelligent Workplace: As the physical world merges with the digital, we are seeing new modes of collaboration, sharing and efficiency. The intelligent workplace represents the next big leap in human-computer interaction.

AI & Machine Learning: AI and automation bring big benefits to business, although the impact on the workplace is less certain. Experts will provide examples of how jobs and processes will need to be redefined for companies to take full advantage of this potential.

The ISG Future Workplace Summit kicks off with the HR Tech Workshop, “HR and The Future of Work: Planning and Executing Your HR Technology and Delivery Strategy for the Future,” from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday, March 26. The workshop will be hosted by ISG Partners Debora Card and Julie Fernandez. The main conference begins on Tuesday, March 27, starting with registration at 8 a.m.

“Digitization and automation are transforming the workplace – and the nature of work – as never before. In today’s always-on world, the lines between the physical office and where work actually happens are blurring,” said ISG Partner Rajib Datta, who heads up the firm’s Digital Workplace Services practice. “At the ISG Future Workplace Summit, we will explore how advances in technology are improving the employee experience across generations, enhancing collaboration and making work more efficient and productive.”