Birmingham-based product design company, WhatBox, Inc., is pleased to announce its newest product, the iStand Walking Cane with SmartWalk Technology™. The iStand IoT Walking Cane features a unique, scientific design to optimize comfort and aid in joint relief, and is equipped with Fall Detection Alerts, GPS location, and Alzheimer’sAlert’s™. Small enough to fit into almost any healthcare device, WhatBox is putting SmartWalk into other devices such as hearing aids and wearables. The iStand Walking Cane is the first SmartWalk product that is available for Pre-Order and ships this Christmas.

SmartWalk products, like the cane, are designed with senior falls and Alzheimer’s in mind. SmartWalk requires no subscription for Fall Detection Alerts, GPS location, and Alzheimer’sAlert’s™. Not just loved ones will receive a fall alert with the user’s location; neighbors on and Facebook will receive alerts when a SmartWalk user has wandered away from their designated radius.

In addition to the cane’s unique design aiding in joint relief, it is equipped with optional features like a 911 Panic Button, data collection, and a “QR Code” Fingernail Sticker that contains the user’s contact information in case they become lost or disoriented.

Holiday worked with a program associated with the Materials Processing and Application Department (MPAD) at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) School of Engineering to develop a prototype of the cane. MPAD specializes in research and development of high performance, lightweight engineering materials, processes and products.

WhatBox has also released the iStand Falls Prevention® Exercise Program – the first evidence-based exercise program, available through online streaming and a mobile app, that delivers carefully selected exercise routines proven to lower blood pressure, increase musculoskeletal strength, and reduce the risk of falls by up to 50 percent.