Mitsufuji Corporation started as a Nishijin Kimono manufacturer in 1956 and succeeded in digitally transforming a traditional Kimono company on the verge of bankruptcy into a wearable platform provider.

Mitsufuji has been dedicating its efforts on the acquisition and analysis of consecutive accurate biological information through in-house developed smart-wears, and development of algorithm as a wearable platform provider.

Recently, Mitsufuji announced the development of a brand-new application in which an innovative algorithm jointly developed with authoritative Institute of Medical and our partner company is implemented.

This application can presume the variation in rising a core body temperature during exercise through the analysis of heart rate, detected and collected from various wearable devices such as smart wear, smart watches and others.

Furthermore, Mitsufuji delivers new products that contribute to solve various social issues through the development of technologies with heart rate analysis.

As a mission of a wearable platform provider, Mitsufuji is willing to provide the algorithm** in this application to all companies which would like to serve society.

64 years of continued progress, Mitsufuji’s challenge never ends.