Kalypso IoT
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A new Gartner Market Guide names Kalypso, a management consulting firm focused exclusively on innovation, a representative vendor for IoT service providers for services in support of Internet of Things projects. Gartner defines IoT services “as a set of end-to-end services — from advisory consulting through application build, implementation and management services. IoT service providers included in the report build and deploy solution applications across multiple industries… This guide’s IoT service is aligned with the design, development and implementation of an Internet of Things solution — a combination of IoT instrumented real-world things and one or more platforms, all integrated with existing (often modified) business applications and data.”

According to Denise Rueb, Research Director at Gartner, et al., “The use of IoT is still new for many businesses. As such, the Internet of Things service provider competitive landscape is evolving in step with the growth of IoT solution deployment… IT leaders should accelerate the creation of an enterprise program framework that defines the right set of business and technology strategies and, more importantly, a well-defined set of IoT tactical plans for the rollout of solutions that meet business objectives.”

The report is titled Market Guide for IoT Service Providers (document G00301729, August 2016). “The report is based on vendor briefings and insights conducted in July 2016, as well as previous briefings, customer inquiries and Gartner Internet of Things-related surveys since January 2016.” Gartner “selected service providers based on firms that Gartner clients or the creators of this research encounter regularly.”

“We believe the Gartner Market Guide validates Kalypso’s focus on becoming the leading digital innovation firm,” said Chad Markle, partner and Digital Innovation practice lead at Kalypso. “Many of the companies we work with are actively shaping their digital innovation agendas, and Kalypso is helping them understand the implications to their business strategy, design comprehensive proof of concepts, implement technology and build the capabilities required for sustainable results.”

Kalypso works with organizations to build foundational digital capabilities that deliver more predictable, sustainable business and digital innovation results. The firm provides comprehensive strategy and solution deployment services for a variety of digital capabilities, including Internet of Things advanced analytics/machine learning, augmented reality, digital product creation and 3D printing.

To find out more, please visit www.kalypso.com.