IoT Solutions
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KAON, a world market leader in the development and manufacturing of digital connectivity devices, has showcased IoT solutions at IBC 2016, including the end-to-end solution for the connected home.

KAON Smart IoT is designed to create a simpler and smarter home, providing an optimized solution from devices to backend integration to service providers. KAON’s services cover everything from power management to security systems, including devices such as smart plugs, door locks, and IP cameras running on a broad range of wireless communication protocols. As a complete user-oriented solution, users can connect, control, monitor, and manage the services both on mobile devices and TV screens, and can enjoy the maximized efficiency and convenience at their command, anywhere and anytime.

 “We wanted to create a simplified user interface in the entire system of the connected home so that users can have a smarter, more secure and efficient digital life all the time,” said Jennifer Han, Marketing Director at KAON.

 KAON Smart IoT will benefit not only users, but also operators, since each service can be tailored for each service operator. These end-to-end solutions empower operators to create new revenue streams and opportunities to monetise their new businesses by creating innovative service models and providing improved user experience with better interoperability and flexibility.

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