Kaptivo in Store

Kaptivo Inc, the company that develops advanced collaboration technology products, today announced the debut of its flagship product Kaptivo at retail with the b8ta store opening in Santa Monica, California. Kaptivo is a new IoT device that expands the way individuals and companies visually communicate more effectively than ever before. Kaptivo’s cloud-connected device transforms any standard dry-erase whiteboard into an online collaboration tool that help address the challenges faced with maintaining the effectiveness of team meetings that include remote participants.

“We were impressed by b8ta’s unique retail model which unboxes our product and enables everyone to touch and demonstrate Kaptivo with a whiteboard. They have a true experience of how our product can transform their productivity and visual collaboration,” said Steve Semenzato, Chief Revenue Officer at Kaptivo.

A tremendous success and respected innovative retail model in Silicon Valley, the new Santa Monica retail store will help to broaden Kaptivo’s appeal among the large technology, education and entertainment community of Silicon Beach, adjacent to b8ta’s Santa Monica location.

One in four people video conference every day but have no way to easily share the content from the whiteboards outside of their meeting rooms. Kaptivo instantly transforms any dry-erase whiteboard into an online collaboration platform – connected, live and shareable so that meeting attendees beyond the conference room’s four walls can collaborate too.

Key Kaptivo features include: screen-share of the whiteboard in a video conference, sharing the live whiteboard image remotely on any web browser, automatically capturing an image archive of all board changes, ability to download the current board image or a complete history of the session – all with no change to whiteboarding workflow.

Kaptivo uses proprietary software and patented computer vision technology to automatically identify and extract only important content while capturing a crisp image archive of all board changes. This means that Kaptivo can eliminate people in front of the whiteboard and other defects, removing board background, reflections and shadows.

Kaptivo retails for $399 and is also available for purchase at amazon.com, kaptivo.com, staples.com. The address for b8ta is: 395 Santa Monica Place, Level 2, Santa Monica, CA 90401 and it is open Monday – Saturday from 10am – 9pm and Sunday from 11am – 8pm.