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Kiana Analytics announced more than $1 million in financing from venture capital investors Plug and Play Ventures, Sand Hill Angels, and Hawaii Angels, as well as several individuals. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Kiana is using the funding to turn in-store analytics and social WiFi data into real-time actionable insight, improving the customer experience, merchandising and operations for retailers, shopping centers, amusement parks and event facilities, restaurant chains and car dealerships.

“Kiana differs from in-store analytics solutions or WiFi hotspot providers focused on data capture for operations. We provide patented device detection, predictive analytics, captive portal and real-time proximity marketing services that empower businesses to drive engagement,” explained Nader Fathi, CEO and co-founder, Kiana Analytics. “Our software delivers much-needed big data analytics with an array of triggered outcomes, from crowd control to surveys or unadvertised promotions, making it worthwhile for visitors to opt in.”

“In just over a year, our services have helped more than 70 chains and venues worldwide convert visitors to buyers by analyzing showrooming behavior and powering targeted marketing campaigns via SMS, email, social WiFi login or digital signage. Our technology accurately detects 100% of WiFi-enabled unique visitors and has already connected with more than 17 million mobile devices. We expect that number to triple this year,” added Mr. Fathi.

“Location-based analytics driven by big data is a fast-growing space. Kiana is right-timed to market with one of the most powerful analytics engines we’ve seen and endless use cases that increase conversion and loyalty for several industries beyond retail. The company’s early traction, business opportunity and global partnerships make Kiana a great investment for Sand Hill,” commented Ralph Eschenbach, vice president, Sand Hill Angels.

“Kiana’s cloud-based platform connects with smartphones, tablets, and wearables, integrates with WiFi, beacons, cameras, wireless carriers, POS and other sources, and drives real-time decisions and digital marketing. The software gels with all three Plug and Play Vertical Accelerators segments: Internet of Things (IoT), Brand and Retail, and Digital Media and Mobile,” said Saeed Amidi, founder & CEO, Plug and Play. “Kiana is also led by proven entrepreneurs. We invested in Nader’s last company, which had a very favorable exit, and look forward to working closely with the team to grow the business.”

VC Investors

Sand Hill Angels, Inc. is a group of Silicon Valley accredited investors and entrepreneurs with broad networks and a range of domain expertise. Having grown many successful companies, SHA investors fund and mentor startups, most often in Technology, Clean Tech and Life Sciences. As a leader in the Silicon Valley startup ecosystem, SHA works collaboratively with other angel organizations and venture capital funds. For more information, visit

Plug and Play Ventures is a seed and early-stage venture capital firm focused on investing in emerging growth companies. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, Plug and Play’s global network includes 300+ tech startups, 180+ investors and a community of leading universities and global corporate partners.

Hawaii Angels provides a forum for members to review investment presentations and share opinions about start-up opportunities. Since its founding in 2002, member angels have invested more than $30 million in more than 60 companies.


About Kiana Analytics

Kiana Analytics provides cloud-based device detection and customer analytics software for operations and proximity marketing. Retailers, shopping centers, restaurant chains, event venues and other businesses worldwide use Kiana data to identify and understand WiFi-enabled foot traffic and showrooming behavior, measure and improve operations, strengthen on-site security and execute real-time targeted campaigns and offers that increase customer loyalty and sales. Founded in July 2013, Kiana Analytics is a fast-growing VC-financed company with offices in Silicon Valley and Germany. To learn more, visit