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The CEO of Kii, the leading Internet of Things (IoT) platform provider, will address audiences at this year’s inaugural Smart IoT London event (April 12-13, 2016) atLondon’s ExCeL with his vision for monetizing the Internet of Things. Masanari Arai, who founded the business nine years ago, will talk about the huge opportunities for IoT, but that these will be restricted if the business model to make money does not change quickly.

Speaking at the event on Tuesday, April 12, Masanari Arai will explain that: “Monetizing Internet of Things is the next key discussion point in any conversation around IoT. Internet of Things is not just a device or hardware sell, which tends to generate one-off revenues and typically very low profit margins, but an opportunity for organizations to generate regular monthly recurring revenue. We need to see a fundamental business model shift in the industry, away from these one-off hardware costs and towards a long-term service-driven revenue model.

“None of the hardware manufacturers have created a billing relationship by themselves, except for Apple. Everybody has to recognize this and work towards identifying the channels through which they can achieve this – be that a mobile operator, utility company or another channel. But there are two important factors when identifying the right channel to market; first, it must have a lot of customers, and second, a billing relation with them.”

Kii, a sponsor of Smart IoT London and an exhibitor on stand T234, is already tackling the challenge through its Space ecosystem founded with Brightstar last year, which brings together device manufacturers, developers, carriers and others to successfully deliver Internet of Things solutions with a recurring revenue model to the market.

Kii’s CEO, Masanari Arai is speaking at 14:30-14:55 on Tuesday, April 12 in the Smart Platforms Theatre on ‘Recurring revenue with Internet of Things’. Taking place on April 12-13, Smart IoT London creates a forum for Internet of Things players to discuss and debate how businesses can best capitalize on the IoT revolution and realize IoT’s full potential.

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