KnowRoaming SoftSIM

KnowRoaming announced the launch of the KnowRoaming SoftSIM in the new ZTE Blade V8. The integration of KnowRoaming technology in the Blade V8 handset empowers users to seamlessly connect to unlimited data at affordable rates in 61 countries worldwide. No additional SIMs or hardware needed. The KnowRoaming SoftSIM on ZTE Blade V8 handsets will be showcased at ZTE’s Mobile World Congress booth, 3F30, and at the KnowRoaming booth, 1A7.

“We’re proud to partner with ZTE to relieve Blade V8 users of the burden of high roaming fees and provide the freedom and flexibility to stay connected no matter where they travel,” said KnowRoaming CEO, Gregory Gundelfinger.

The integrated KnowRoaming SoftSIM provides consumers with unprecedented ease of use and control of their international roaming costs. In the Blade V8’s native Roam Now! app, users can easily manage their usage in real-time, top up their account with pre-paid credit, and automatically connect to unlimited data in 61 countries worldwide.

The ZTE Blade V8 packs high-end features including a fingerprint sensor, dual-lens camera, powerful processor, expandable storage, and more—all at a reasonable price. The pre-installed Roam Now! app—available worldwide in Q2 2017—is another high-end, yet affordable, feature packaged up by ZTE in the beautiful Blade V8.

ZTE and KnowRoaming are aligned in their dedication to provide cost-efficient, quality communication technology that is accessible to all. Ranked by independent industry analysts, ZTE is the fourth-largest supplier of mobile devices in the U.S. overall, and second-largest supplier of prepaid devices*.