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KnowRoaming is excited to introduce IoT Connect, a high-­bandwidth, end-­to-­end solution for enterprises that require reliable, global connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT).

“Enterprise leaders know that the three pillars of IoT are devices, management, and connectivity,” said Mathew Stein, KnowRoaming CTO. “KnowRoaming’s turn-­key solution provides all three, with an emphasis on scalability and reliability. The solution is entirely flexible. Our devices can simultaneously connect to multiple networks through multiple channels via multiple access technologies globally. KnowRoaming is truly your one-­stop shop for IoT connectivity.”

The IoT Connect is an excellent solution for enterprises that require high-­bandwidth, global connectivity for devices in the fields of surveillance, broadcasting, maritime or airline transportation, logistics, wearables, healthcare and more.

Like other KnowRoaming products, IoT Connect is fully end-­to-­end, combining hardware, a management platform, and global connectivity through KnowRoaming’s own network. All elements are fully customizable. The hardware is available as a stand-­alone or expandable router or can be integrated into devices. The management platform can be customized as an app or dashboard. Finally, the network, fully operated by KnowRoaming, is able to provide coverage around the world at market-­leading rates.

Other features include

  • Universal support for global LTE and 3G connectivity
  • Connect to multiple operators simultaneously for improved reliability
  • Affordable local rates and ability to pool bandwidth across devices for greater savings
  • All devices managed on the secure, KnowRoaming Multi-­IMSI core network
  • Virtual SIM management, no physical SIM cards required

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