KORE recently partnered with with Curo, a Melbourne, Australia-based healthtech innovator, to power its sensor-based software application. The app is designed to change the way the world looks at aging-in-place and the relationship between family and their loved ones.

“With over 40 million people over the age of 65 in the United States, America’s senior population is growing,” said Steve Hopkins, CEO, Curo Technologies. “We needed reliable, ubiquitous connectivity to power our software to ensure that the necessary data is being transmitted to caregivers, without delay or interruption. KORE provided us with the seamless, multidimensional global network we needed to make this a reality.”

Curo utilizes sensors to transmit patient data across the KORE network to caregivers and family members via smartphone. The sensors primarily track motion and the movement of people within the home, for instance activity in the kitchen or bathroom. The data ensures peace of mind to loved ones and increases independence in seniors living alone. The sensors are installed in-home in a matter of minutes. The solution also allows for faster, lower-cost interventions in the case of a medical emergency.

Curo App“The partnership with Curo accentuates KORE’s continued leadership in IoT solutions enabling aging-in-place,” said Alex Brisbourne, CEO, KORE. “Safety and independence for seniors is the highest priority for caregivers and stakeholders.

Serving as the technology enabler behind other successful brands, KORE’s comprehensive offerings for all aspects of IoT deployments help make innovations such as Curo’s possible.”