KORE, the world’s largest managed wireless network services provider specializing in Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, announced it has made a number of important enhancements to PRiSMProTM, the company’s flagship M2M service delivery platform. The PRiSMPro user interface now incorporates a responsive web design, whereby the layout adjusts dynamically based on the characteristics of the computing device in use. In addition, KORE undertook a complete re-engineering of the platform’s underlying software architecture to bolster its handling of rapid increases in device demand.

Taken together, these enhancements are designed to bring “managed M2M” to an entirely new level of effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction for management and business users alike. As M2M and Internet-of-Things device deployments continue to grow in size and stature, PRiSMPro is designed to function in concert with evolving customer workflows and device volumes.

“Taking our cues from the consumerization of IT phenomenon, our development team took great care to provide a contemporary design along with an adaptive interface that detects and responds to the wider range of computing devices now used in the field, whether desktop, laptop, tablet or Smartphone,” said Keyur Thakore who leads Product Management of Connectivity Solutions at KORE. “To go along with a sea-change in look and feel, we also brought forward a number of feature sets dedicated to employee productivity and satisfaction. It was our aim to produce an intuitive navigation experience, simplify user access to the KPI metrics that get applied most often, and ‘future-proof’ the platform for expected device proliferation.”

KORE also made several upgrades to the platform’s Coverage Map, whereby the feature now displays explicit “native coverage” and “roaming” zones for every on-net device, tied to the network on which that particular device resides. These changes reflect a deeper market need for network visibility and intelligence reporting.

The KORE network supports IoT applications for thousands of companies including Integrity Tracking, which deploys the MobileHelp medical alert system to provide emergency assistance to persons while in their homes or away. These users all depend on KORE PRiSMPro to help them monitor, manage and adjust connectivity for each device instantly, in real time.

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