KORE, the world’s largest managed wireless network services provider specializing in Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, announced it has enabled a new hierarchical account structure functionality in PRiSMProTM. Designed to further advance the “managed M2M” environment, Account Hierarchy adds a layer of control and enhances users’ ability to segment and manage devices across their entire in-use inventory. By imbuing devices with “Parent” or “Child” administrative properties, companies can now subdivide their full inventory of devices into segments based explicitly on business need or profit center; Child devices can only be seen and administered by certain designees, while the Parent retains full management of the entire inventory.

Account Hierarchy rings especially poignant for enterprises that are running IoT applications across multiple business units, as well as IoT reseller organizations. A large enterprise can assign groups of devices under the Child designation to a specific business unit, and thus keep each unit’s device data separated out for reconciliation and reporting. Companies who bring IoT solutions to market via value-added resellers, on the other hand, can segment each VAR’s devices under a Child account.

For example, enterprises that provide fleet, workforce and asset management solutions in multiple vertical industries often want to be able to keep track of which devices are being used by each industry, in order to streamline internal reporting and billing processes. Account Hierarchy accomplishes that task. Similarly, for companies that operate across a series of regional divisions, Account Hierarchy will segment device inventory based on those divisions, and again aid central corporate teams with overall reporting and management.

“By restructuring our Account Hierarchy platform, KORE is taking an active role enabling more Internet-of-Things business models to succeed,” said Keyur Thakore who leads Product Management for Connectivity Solutions at KORE. “Operationally, businesses will find it much easier to manage multiple use cases in same enterprise, create more detailed profit-and-loss assignments and, in the case of reseller organizations, streamline visibility into what will surely become a highly diverse set of revenue streams. It’s just another way KORE is putting PRiSMPro ahead of expected, and even unforeseen, needs related to device and use case proliferation.”

The Account Hierarchy structure also drives a much greater level of visibility into data, SMS and voice usage, and threshold monitoring among devices. Child users may set per-device usage limits at the time of SIM activation and receive alerts for only those devices under their supervision. Management, meanwhile, can configure alerts for all devices under management, whether classified as Parent or Child. In addition, PRiSMPro Parent account managers can request a single invoice that breaks out billing for Parent and all associated Child accounts. There is no limit to the number of SIMs a Parent user can assign to a given Child account.

KORE took great care to simplify the device management process up and down the value chain, from those who manage multiple Child accounts at once, to those in charge of only a specific set of Child devices.

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