The Internet of Things (IoT), which excludes PCs, tablets and smartphones, will grow to 26 billion units installed in 2020 representing an almost 30-fold increase from 0.9 billion in 2009, according to Gartner, Inc.

ConnectingYourThings gives you, for the first time, the ability to connect your things with the same security and privacy that the United States Department of Defense mandates and uses to connect its things.

The combined capabilities of the alliance help facilitate that any protocol on any platform from any provider can federate, communicate and be controlled by anything you say it is allowed to. It does not segregate things, it joins things that have never been able to be joined or aware of each other before and communicate back and forth when necessary.

ConnectingYourThings alliance is an effort that Coversant has been working to bring together for the sole purpose of creating an IoT which lives up to the standards in efficiency, savings and security the tech world has been speaking of, stated founding member of the alliance Michael Holdmann, EVP Coversant, Inc.

ConnectingYourThings lets an application or human know that there are things that need to be watched or fixed. It is able to make the application or human aware of the things that need to be fixed only when they need to be fixed, when things are fine, the application or human does not need to know the things exist.

This is accomplished starting from the center with Coversant, Inc.’s SoapBox, an Internet of Things Service Bus, the world’s first commercially available US DISA certified, US DoD mandated real-time server for secure and private connections between things.

ConnectingYourThings then expands outward by bridging any protocol (language) to SoapBox with gateways that bridge the local cluster of things or a single thing. The gateway, provided by KTC AB for Industrial or business deployment, translates any protocol into a universal protocol for transport, analysis and delivery to the application or human responsible for controlling or fixing the thing. KTC AB has chosen to develop their product on Clayster AB IoT Framework for rapid adaptation to the market.

“With trillions of things connected on the Internet we must normalize how things communicate and that is done by a real time information fabric. Internet of Things is not about a single technology or protocol it is about making them coexist.” – Rikard Strid Founder Clayster AB

”When discussing IoT it’s important that we include the existing things. There are an enormous amount of devices that can and should be part of the IoT community and openly share information with others, man or machine.”- Magnus Åkerskog, COO at KTC Tech AB

With the addition of Lanner Electronics to ConnectingYourThings, the alliance spans three continents. Lanner Electronics Inc. is a world leading provider of design, engineering and manufacturing services for advanced network appliances and rugged applied computing platforms for system integrator, service providers and application developers.

“The changes/challenges being ushered in by the convergence of smart devices, data analytics, data mining and cloudnomics require powerful and sophisticated network security appliances for which Lanner is known. Lanner is committed to working with Coversant for making possible and open but secure Internet of Things.” – Jeffrey Wang, Product Director of Lanner’s Industrial Cyber Security Group

The ConnectingYourThings members agree, just as the Universal Plug and Play Forum (UPnP) announced, XMPP is the protocol that should be used for securing and delivering the sensitive and private data between networks over the Internet. By working together to deliver a complete solution to their respective customers, any company can now take advantage of scalability, security, and performance while federating their current things with everything that connects to the IoT, machine or human.

About Coversant 
Privately-held and headquartered in California, Coversant has developed SoapBox, an Internet of Things Service Bus (IoT-SB) based on strategic and calculated predictions of the future of interoperability and integration of machines and humans. Providing roughly 35 times the throughput and processing power of other leading solutions and certified by United States Defense Information Systems Agency, SoapBox IoT-SB is capable of securing data and privacy of the IoT and federate across platforms at a 90% lower Total Cost of Ownership.

About Lanner 
Founded in 1986, Lanner Electronics Inc. is an ISO 9001 certified designer and manufacturer of reliable, frontline network security, network video and embedded computing platforms.

About Clayster 
Clayster is not satisfied by only connecting things to the internet as a means of transporting data between machines (M2M), and thus creating an Internet of Things. Clayster wants to create an Internet For Things, helping all Things on the Internet to maximize their true potential. The future of Internet For Things does not lie in placing more intelligence centralized in the cloud, but in distributing it in the network, close to the things, forming neural networks, where the Internet provides the infrastructure to make it possible. Clayster can help you achieve this vision.

About KTC 
KTC has been working with energy management systems for more than 30 years. We have a strong belief that openness is the key to be able to reduce our use of energy and our carbon footprint. KTC has been working with XMPP to connect our devices to the cloud for more than 5 years and have implemented the latest extensions in our products and systems to make them IoT ready.