Flow of Turnkey Solution

Longsys Technology has announced a revolutionary turnkey IoT End-to-End solution to enable existing products to go smart within 30 days, directly changing the period of development for an IoT device.

In the past, companies have spent a lot time and money on initial their IoT solutions, to work with different parties like cloud service companies, IoT module makers, App developers and SIs (system integration), which took 6 to 9 months or even longer to validate and test their idea then getting the final product to market. However, with Longsys Technology’s Turnkey IoT End-to-End Solution (LTEES), an IoT service can be launched within 30 days. It helps these SMB companies to save overall resources and time.

LTEES includes cloud services, App and Wireless modules cover what companies need to bring their product online. The cloud service offers control through App or Voice (using Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant etc.), dashboard data analysis and AI solutions; with tens of standard App templates for free and customized versions as low as USD 5,000. The first LTEES kit is with WiFi module GT1216/LTM1216 which are based on Qualcomm QCA4004 series (130MHz MCU and 448KB RAM, with WiFi stack run on the internal MCU) to ensure the high WiFi quality and performance, low power consumption with an attractive price at USD 2.9 (price for mass production at large volume, and valid in LTEES package only). Furthermore, other wireless modules, including industrial grade solution LTM3210 which is based on Qualcomm QCA4010 to support up to 6 PWM and 4 ADC; and a WiFi +BLE combo solution based on Qualcomm QCA4004+CSR1010; and a low cost module LTM7221 with price at USD 2.

LTEES is a “really exciting tool to the IoT industry, especially for SMB companies”, said Dave Pang, the general manager of Longsys Technology. “It’s a quick approach – we can help clients utilize the IoT platform, while they can focus on their products and core values.”

Other than the benefits above, LTEES is easy to use. The flow is designed only requiring an engineer understand the product and the rest of process can be run effortlessly.

For more info, Longsys has arranged a private demo room at CES located in the Venetian Hotel

  • Date: Jan 9-12, 2018
  • Address: Room 209 & 211, 31F, The Venetian, 3355 Las Vegas Boulevard South