According to research published in January 2016 by Accenture, nearly half of consumers cited privacy concerns as a barrier to adoption of IoT technology. The Federal Trade Commission called on the Internet of Things industry to “do a better job with privacy” in 2015 and again at the recent Consumer Electronics Show. IoT Journal declared “Privacy” as one of 5 megatrends for 2016, specifically citing Privacynq as an example of how the industry can use transparency to educate consumers about security.

The Privacynq service explains security details to consumers whenever they ask – in store before purchasing, during installation, and of course when IoT products are being used.  Important facts are explained in easy-to-understand terms, giving consumers confidence and trust in the products that use Privacynq.

“At eBlocker, our focus is protecting privacy so it was obvious for us to give customers a very clear understanding of all we do to protect their privacy. Privacynq was a pretty easy choice, because it allowed our team to quickly add a really understandable privacy notice that works on our packaging, on our website, and inside mobile apps,” said Christian Bennefeld, CEO of eBlocker, an innovative smart device that anonymizes the online behavior on all devices in a home. Without any software installation or configuration, eBlocker blocks all trackers and ads, hides the IP and cloaks the device fingerprint, offering home users a safe haven from Internet security threats.

Bennefeld continued, “We have been struggling to put together a cogent marketing message that we really care about consumer privacy, and Privacynq has helped us formulate and deliver that message. The fact that our customers can easily get this information via text message on their smartphones is really helpful from a competitive perspective because it highlights our consideration for customer privacy.” eBlocker’s Privacynq brief can easily be viewed by texting “eblock” to 717-467-3214.

PrivacyCheq CEO Roy Smith said “We built Privacynq to fill the same role in the Internet of Things market as the ‘Nutrition Facts’ labels on packaged food.  By making security facts easy to find and understand, Privacynq allows consumers to trust the companies delivering these revolutionary products.”