leakSMART is sponsoring IoT Insurance USA, the first event of its kind where insurers explore opportunities for IoT technology in the insurance industry.

The IoT Insurance USA event seeks to understand how innovative businesses use IoT technology to create new revenue streams for insurers, how new products and value-added services can establish better relationships between customers and insurers, and how real-time monitoring can help prevent loss and reduce claims.

JaNette Barnett, vice president of marketing and sales for Waxman, explained leakSMART’s role within the event and the opportunities the product can provide insurers. “leakSMART is excited to sponsor this event, which is industry-leading for insurance,” Barnett said. “leakSMART has a future in the insurance realm, and we’re thrilled that we can spearhead innovation such as this.”

leakSMART protects the home from water damage with the valve, hub and app (iOS and Android), as well as the wireless and waterproof leak sensors. These components work together to detect a leak, stop the water immediately, and alert homeowners, granting them unlimited control over their home’s main water supply.

For more information about leakSMART, visit getleaksmart.com.