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Samsung Electronics and Legrand today showcased, at the Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco, the world’s first Thread-enabled IoT light switch powered by the SAMSUNG ARTIK end-to-end platform.

The SAMSUNG ARTIK IoT platform is a fully integrated chip to cloud solution, which helps companies like Legrand speed up their product development process, reduce time to market, and improve total cost of ownership for their IoT products. Additionally, the SAMSUNG ARTIK platform provides world-class security from device to hub to cloud to data management, while adhering to the fundamental protocols of the Thread standard.

For Legrand, the SAMSUNG ARTIK IoT platform provided full support for the Thread standard, the foundation for the connected home. Thread was designed to easily and securely connect hundreds of devices to each other and to the cloud using real internet protocols over a low-power wireless mesh network. Built on open standards and with IPv6/6LoWPAN protocols, Thread’s innovative approach to networking offers many advantages over other wireless standards, including a secure and reliable mesh network with no single point of failure, simple connectivity and low power.

“Legrand is a world leader in home electrical devices and automation and we’re excited to partner with Samsung to offer more choices to our customers by delivering an industry leading, connected light switch,” said Brian DiBella, President Electrical Wiring Systems, Legrand, North America. “In combination with the SAMSUNG ARTIK Cloud, our smart light switches interoperate with other smart-home products and effectively serve as the central nervous system of the home to make life simpler, more convenient and more secure for our customers.”

World-class companies like Legrand can focus on their core areas of expertise—designing devices, applications, end-user experiences and services – while leveraging the SAMSUNG ARTIK end-to-end IoT platform to help them transition faster to the world of digitization.

“We are thrilled with the tight collaboration between Legrand and the SAMSUNG ARTIK development and business teams,” said Dr. Byungse So, Executive Vice President and CTO, Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center. “Embracing new technologies like IoT is critical to future success in the ever-demanding smart home and building automation space. By leveraging the strength of the ARTIK end-to-end IoT platform, Legrand will deliver the world’s first Thread enabled IoT smart light switch. Furthermore, Samsung is committed to investing in both technology and business solutions that enable companies like Legrand to fully participate in the digital transformation.”

As a leader in electrical and digital infrastructure solutions for all types of buildings, Legrand helps enhance everyday life for its customers. It partnered with Samsung because it understands that the Internet of Things will open a new era of connected buildings. Legrand’s Eliot program (Electricity and IoT) is designed to hasten the arrival of this era by speeding deployment of Legrand’s connected devices and accelerating the evolution of connected buildings. Eliot will power development of new Legrand products for the benefit of private and professional users alike.

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