LeoNovus® Inc. announced recently it is partnering with Elyven™ to enable a secure Internet of Everything (IoT) energy-targeted architecture for hotels and other commercial buildings supported by the LeoNovus Intelligent Network. Among the Internet of Things, two of the most important functions are providing security and energy efficiency across the IT infrastructure. These two functions, easily managed by the LeoNovus Intelligent Network, enable several ways to lower overhead costs, add new revenue streams, and ultimately increase profitability for the hotel or commercial building owner.

– The LeoNovus Intelligent Network enables more efficient management of energy resources, such as heating, air conditioning, water and lighting, which lowers overhead costs and increases profitability for the hotel or commercial building owner. This approach demonstrates the capability of the LeoNovus Hospitality Cloud Platform to integrate and support additional services, including third-party products, which will increase value for its commercial building/hospitality partners.

– LeoNovus authenticates the IoT architecture onto its Intelligent Network and is able to manage it securely; and because LeoNovus is certified with a property’s Hotel Property Management system it supports metrics, remote management, and enables payment schemes for these new services. Fundamentally, LeoNovus enables the hotel/commercial building to become a data center, with the ability to add new services and applications that lower cost, improve the guest experience, and drive new revenue streams, thereby increasing profits and the overall asset value of the property.

– The Company is working with Elyven and other industry partners in the hotel/commercial building markets to establish standards for commercial smart lighting systems, including establishing testing standards for ease of deployment, in order to manage energy sources within the LeoNovus Intelligent Network and Secure IoT Architecture. The result is increased profitability for the hotel and commercial building owner, and increased value to the third-party product provider.

Elyven develops a local cloud architecture and provides services for testing and certification. The LeoNovus Intelligent Network manages all its enabled endpoints remotely, allocating encrypted cloud storage and computing workloads across this network, including verification, authentication, management and ongoing updates. 

– The Intelligent Network interfaces with the property’s administration system to integrate the LeoNovus online platform into the guestroom HDTV set-top box (STB) supporting a graphical user interface (GUI). This online capability delivers a full suite of in-room infotainment, including just-in-time interactive services, such as in-room dining, promotional advertising, and real-time guest-services information, as well as on-screen check out. The easy-to-use interface, with a full browser, also allows for access to email and Facebook, or sourcing local hometown news and entertainment in the language of choice. LeoNovus supports third-party products based on its cloud management and PMS payment authentication and provides auditable metrics to the hotel and product partner. Hotels realize cost savings while adding new revenue streams through guest apps and services.

The Road to Security, Energy Efficiency, Lower Costs, and Increased Profitability

The IoT architecture supports “best of class” security, communication, policy management, and infinite control, and can be authenticated securely with the LeoNovus Intelligent Network. For hotels, this reduces energy-consumption waste and lowers operating costs – all while reducing the hotel’s carbon footprint, increasing profitability, and improving the guest experience. The hotel guest can have lighting control, including full dimming capabilities and LED color settings managed through the guestroom’s LeoNovus HDTV GUI or by using their smartphone, tablet or smart watch. The LeoNovus Intelligent Network can also tie into hotel affinity programs in order to build brand loyalty by utilizing these programs to store personalized settings for return guests.

The use of smart lighting has become a major component of IoT-enabled cloud architectures, as lighting is a significant portion of energy costs. According to ENERGY STAR, energy costs represents about six percent of all operating costs, and represents the single fastest-growing operating cost in the hospitality industry at about twelve percent a year. Lighting alone can represent nearly twenty-five percent of that energy cost. Implementing energy efficiency presents a significant opportunity for cost savings. For a full-service hotel, energy costs are usually between four and six percent of revenue, but luxury properties may see energy costs hitting ten percent and more. Additionally, location can have an impact with US hotels averaging costs of twenty-three percent while Canada is closer to thirty-three percent based on natural light and weather. (Source: E SOURCE, data from U.S. Energy Information Administration and Natural Resources Canada)

By providing lighting management, control, and granular dimming capabilities, LeoNovus enables hotels to have infinite dimming or on/off control of a single or group of LED lamps, based on natural lighting or an unoccupied guest room/hotel area. There is also the ability to modify color of the LED to deliver cool color hues for hotels located in desert areas and warm hues in cooler climates. The ability to control lighting, including metrics, generates additional energy savings. For the hotel, this increases personalized features for the guest while again decreasing cost that results in greater profitability.

“While it may seem strange that a mere light bulb is so important, when one considers creating an intelligent lighting system such as a wireless sensor network, the picture becomes brighter,” stated Gordon Campbell, CEO of LeoNovus. “Standards will continue to push the market further and faster. As LED lighting eventually gathers, processes, and reacts to stimuli in the environment, their benefit to the IoT and to energy savings becomes significant.”

LeoNovus is currently working with 360VOX Hospitality Services Inc. (360VOX HSI) to offer this functionality to its Hotel partners. The LeoNovus Hospitality Cloud enables its managed devices within the guest room to become secure Wi-Fi access points that provide a personal secure IoT cloud for the hotel guest and their personal devices. This delivers personal control for the guest so that they can manage their environment including the Hotel GUI on the HDTV using their personal device. 

The IOT Architecture integrates securely with LeoNovus Hospitality Cloud and is managed by the Intelligent Network. The Elyven program provides testing standards for ease of deployment increasing value for LED manufacturers and commercial building owners. LeoNovus will earn software access and royalty fees from these third party programs including the offering of its secure cloud computing and storage resources to support operating services and applications on-site.

About LeoNovus Inc.

LeoNovus® is a publicly traded company on the Toronto exchange with offices in Sunnyvale, CA. and Ottawa, Ontario. The Company has launched an innovative high performance browser-based SMART MEDIA PLATFORM with a remotely managed cloud system that provides HDTVs and other connected devices with unprecedented access to features, content, and functionality over the web. This approach delivers an extremely flexible just-in-time service model to multiple markets including residential, hospitality and health care. Additionally, LeoNovus utilizes its proprietary processing technology to utilize idle processors in hardware systems for purposes of building Intelligent Networks. This allows the Company to offer geo-dispersed cloud services for new revenue streams while reducing costs and increasing performance via distributed networks.