CHICAGO — The Internet of Things (IoT), driven by the explosive growth of data and data-transmitting sensors, is creating both challenges and opportunities for utilities, manufacturers and other industrial enterprises. Industrial data is expected to grow at two to three times the rate of any other Big Data segment and Wikibon estimates that the total industrial internet technology spend will reach $514 billion by 2020.

Recognizing this trend, InStep Software will present at the Internet of Things North America show to share insight and best practices on using real-time machinery sensor data and analytics technology to make smarter and more timely business decisions.

The conference takes place May 14-15, 2014, at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee and is focused on cloud-based control of devices, equipment and operations for the industrial, manufacturing and enterprise environment. InStep’s Director of Strategic Development, Sean Gregerson, will present on “Leveraging the Internet of Things to Drive Operational Efficiency.”

“As an ever-growing number of devices and machines continue to become connected through the Internet of Things, organizations now have access to more information than ever before,” Gregerson said. “They can gain a competitive edge by effectively using, analyzing, alerting and reporting on the data gathered from equipment and sensors to make quick and informed decisions to improve reliability, operations, maintenance and profit.”

The InStep presentation will cover how the IoT is enabling organizations to implement predictive asset management strategies that incorporate advanced pattern recognition and diagnostic software to identify the early warning signs of asset failures days, weeks and months in advance.

The Internet of Things event will feature a variety of educational sessions on machine-to-machine (M2M) and device connectivity, cloud-based monitoring and control, data acquisition and analytics, plant-to-plant and enterprise-wide connectivity and more. Visit with Gregerson after the presentation for information about how InStep products help organizations make the most of their data with real-time enterprise data management and asset performance management software solutions.

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InStep Software is a leading provider of real-time performance management and predictive asset analytics software products and solutions. InStep’s software products extend the investment in modern control, monitoring and smart devices by collecting, archiving, displaying, analyzing and reporting the information provided by these systems. Many of the world’s most successful companies use InStep’s software products to actively manage and analyze the rapidly growing amount of real-time operational, asset health and regulatory related information.