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Levyx, whose high-performance processing software dramatically reduces infrastructure costs associated with Big Data applications, announced that it is partnering with Nissho Electronics Corporation, a leading provider of information communications equipment, IT infrastructure, and other cutting-edge solutions in Japan, tto offer its customers Levyx’s software solutions. To address the evolving data processing needs of Nissho’s enterprise customers, the agreement covers the full range of Levyx’s software product line, which is targeted at applications that require interactive (i.e. real-time) high-speed processing of large-scale datasets in industries such as cybersecurity (fraud or threat detection), online transaction processing (OLTP), real-time analysis of sensor data (Internet of Things or IoT), high-speed trading (HST), low-latency messaging, and machine learning.  Levyx’s target sectors are Financial Services, Government & Aerospace, Biotech & Healthcare, eCommerce, Social Networking, Digital Advertising, and Cloud Infrastructure (including Telcos).

“The level of activity and overall adoption rate of some of the latest Big Data technologies in Japan makes us very excited to work with Levyx,” said Toshiro Sakai, Senior General Manager, IT Platform Business Unit, of Nissho Electronics. “The opportunities for Helium™ and Levyx-Spark Connector span the full spectrum of how Japanese enterprises are currently using, and will expand, their monetization and better use of Big Data.  We see Levyx as an important partner and facilitator in how many applications get deployed because their solutions address high-performance needs that are both cost-effective and scalable.”

Levyx’s software fundamentally disrupts the economics of Big Data applications, bringing the benefits of high-speed data processing to the masses (organizations of all sizes). Levyx’s Helium solution offers a high-performance key value storage engine that enables input/output (I/O) intensive legacy and Big Data applications to operate faster, simpler, and cheaper.

  • Faster (by over 10X) than other in-memory key value stores because of its multi-core, flash-optimized, query pushdown, and patented indexing design.
  • Simpler than other architectures, which make trade-offs between performance and storage tiering complexity — all data is persisted by Levyx at memory speeds.
  • Cheaper because Levyx substitutes random access memory (RAM) with less costly Flash storage (typically 10X cheaper per GB), yet achieves equivalent or greater performance using drastically fewer distributed commodity server nodes.

Levyx’s software supports a broad number of programming integration options and is ideal for boosting analytics and operations of Internet and machine-machine applications. In particular, Helium is an excellent building block for highly-dense/highly-efficient systems for Big Data applications because it bridges the gap between conventional Big Data software solutions and the latest hardware innovations. Levyx’s Helium can be deployed as a pluggable engine to “supercharge” database platforms and other applications that support/embed popular Key Value Store application program interfaces (APIs) from RocksDB, LevelDB, and Memcached.

In addition, the company offers a software solution called Levyx-Spark Connector to allow Helium to run Apache Spark deployments far more efficiently by offering in-memory speed resilient distributed datasets (RDDs) and data frames that are also persistent. With additional query pushdown features, Levyx-Spark Connector greatly accelerates operations, such as large sorts and joins; streamlines multi-job/multi-tenant workflows; and reduces the overall number of Spark nodes needed to execute those jobs.

“As a direct result of partnering with Nissho, Levyx has built a significant roster of engagements in Japan, including leading OEMs, Telcos and IT players, and we are jointly developing plans to build customer awareness and market momentum for Helium and Levyx-Spark Connector,” Reza Sadri, Levyx’s CEO and Co-Founder. “Nissho is well-versed in our product line and will play a vital role in helping proliferate our technologies in the region. Their relationships, channels, and customer support are good complements to our Big Data solutions.  Global expansion is important to us. It brings us closer to the epicenters of where Big Data solutions are gaining traction most quickly – and Japan is one of those places.”

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