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21The LED vertical integrator Lextar Electronics , will launch the smart location service (Smart LBS). With sensors equipped in LED lighting fixtures in wireless networks, the Smart LBS provides business owners with master data analysis and interactive marketing services. By linking to the smart LBS system and the Internet of Things (IoT) over indoor lighting, Lextar provides customers with more value-added services to its lighting fixtures. This system will be debuted for the first time at the Light+Building 2016 exhibition held in Frankfurt, Germany, starting March 13. At the exhibition, Lextar will also launch a wide variety of LED lighting products with smart lighting function.

The three main functions of the Smart LBS (Location Based Service) displayed at the exhibition include route guide, message provision, and user behavior analysis. Take the exhibition venue for example, if exhibition owner installs Lextar’s lighting products equipped with Smart LBS, visitors can browse the indoor map and route guide and get the information about activities in different zones from their mobile or tablet with specific pre-downloaded apps. In addition, business owners can conduct big data analysis on visitors’ behavior. The Smart LBS is especially suitable for use in large indoor space, such as exhibition venues, shopping malls, museums, and airports.

According to Dr. Louis Lu, VP of Lextar’s Marketing & Sales Business Group, the LED lighting market has been thriving rapidly in the past two years. Through continuous innovation and technology R&D, Lextar provides customers with added value and service. After introducing the first generation of smart lighting in 2011, controlling color temperature and brightness of LED lighting fixtures with mobile device, Lextar combines the Smart LBS with the IoT and big data this time for lighting fixtures located everywhere in large public indoor venues to provide additional functions other than lighting.

Lextar will also debut “ALLUXIA”, a human-centric LED panel light at the exhibition. Human centric lighting is a popular trend of lighting in Europe. With a remote control program and specially formulated mixed color temperature LEDs, Lextar products can simulate the color temperature change from the dawn to the dust to create a lighting environment that meets the natural circadian rhythm. Lextar also begins to develop the super energy-saving LED panel light. Besides delivering luminous efficacy up to 150 lumen per watt (lm/W), the product is equipped with built-in the Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) to dynamically adjust brightness of the light according to the ambient lighting condition to achieve optimal energy saving effect. In LED tube products, Lextar launches the UltraBright ET5 lamp with 5,600 lumens at 5 feet. In addition, it complies with the latest EU standard IEC 62776. The product is suitable for use in venues with elevated ceilings, such as warehouses and train stations.

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